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Big East

Draft Eligible


Cameron "Cam"





Archbishop Spalding & Team Melo (EYBL)









200 lbs.


KEITH STEVENS 202- 528-3697 JARON TAYLOR 410-905-2049


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Notes / Reports

Scouting Report


  • Elite athlete with a combination of power and physicality 

  • Relentless at attacking the basket/finishing ability with both hands 

  • Great size and length for a wing 

  • Has light feet for so much power he possesses 

  • Most underrated aspect of his game is his passing vision/making the right reads 

  • Solid handling ability/dribbles with force 

  • Versatile and dominant on-ball and weakside defender

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  • Form on his jumper needs to improve 

  • Spot-up shooting/range 

  • Can play too fast at times, resulting in turnovers and forced plays 

  • Should develop a face-up game 

  • Footwork is average/ relies on straight line drives too often

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Cam Whitmore is a mega physical 6’6 SF Who is gifted with superb athleticism and physical build. Whitmore excels at attacking the basket and finishing through and around traffic with both hands. Whitmore has very underrated vision and passing ability, while also being a confident ball handler. His biggest calling card is how dominant and versatile a defender he is. Whitmore can guard 1-5 with his speed, lateral quickness, broad shoulders, and overall physical build. He needs to improve his form and from there expand his range so he can be a reliable spot-up shooter. Being so physical and quick, he can play too fast and out of control at times. Playing under Jay Wright next season at Villanova will help Whitmore significantly strengthen his weaknesses and get the most out of his potential.

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Hoop Group Atlantic City Jam Fest - Atlantic City, NJ - 7/7-9/2021

Finishes a tough layup thru contact. Has the ability to play on the perimeter on offense and has a terrific handle for a wing player. Hits a catch and shoot 3 from a few feet behind the arc in the left corner. Was bringing the ball up as a point guard. His position versality was on full display. Catches a tough off board and muscles his way downlow to finish a tightly contested righty layup. Makes a nice drive and kick, going to his left and gets the assist to a 3 point shooter. Liked his passing ability as he shows he has vision when he dribbles to the rim. Hits a catch and shoot top of the key 3. Then, hustled back and fouled the opposing player to prevent an easy layup. He is a major threat at the top of the key with his playmaking and driving ability at his size. Hustles for a pindown block. Best player on the floor. Uses length and athleticism to get his own points and score within the flow of the offense. Good first step and ability to get to the rim while also having a jumpshot. Length was on display on the defensive end through blocks and getting his hands in passing lanes to cause disruption.

Peach Jam - Augusta, GA - 7/19 - 25/2021

Monster 2 hand dunk with contact, knocked on his back with no call. Twho hand dunk cuting from the L corner. Catches lob layup on set out of bounds plays. Makes pull up jumper from the L wing. Two hand dunk as he cuts from the R corner. Nice double cross to freeze the defender gets to the rim fouled on layup attempt.

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2021 EYBL Peach Jam Stats

14.5 PTS || 7.2 REB || 1.35 AST || 1.35 STL || 1.2 BLK || 50.3 FG%

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