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Scouting Report


  • Can create off the dribble and finishes well in and around the paint 

  • Good vision, passes teammates open 

  • Shoots it well from the mid-range 15 -18 ft 

  • Rebounds well from the guard position 

  • Good on-ball defender 

  • Good positional size and strength

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  • Poor shooter from the 3pt line (28%) 

  • Gets out of control driving to the basket leading charge calls 

  • Loose with the ball makes careless passes (TO prone) 

  • Late rotations as a help defender which leads to gambling for steal or block attempts 

  • Poor FT shooter

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Alondes is a big strong guard with good athleticism, vision, and ability to finish in the lane with contact. He is also a pretty good mid-range jump shooter, above-average rebounder for his position, and good on-ball defender. He needs to improve his shooting from behind the 3pt line and must also do a better job valuing the basketball; he has too many turnovers.

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  • AP All-American Honorable Mention (2022) 

  • ACC Player of the Year (2022) 

  • ACC All-First Team (2022) 

  • Emerald Coast Classic All-Tournament Team (2022) 

  • N4C Player of the Year (2019)

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At Georgia Tech – Atlanta, Ga – 1/19/2022

His passing was impressive, picked up 9 assists in this game, made good reads in the half picking apart the zone GT was playing, when they switched to man he hit several cutters for easy opportunities at the rim, and in transition he pushed the ball hitting guys in stride. Offensively, he pushed the ball off made baskets, attacked the rim, and finished with contact. Made good reads off the ball for two backdoor lob dunks. Defensively he competed on the perimeter, mixed it up for rebounds even picked up 3 blocks, two on jump shot contest and one chase down. He didn’t shoot the ball well from the 3pt line going 1-5, and he was a little loose with the ball, picking up four turnovers.

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Volume Shooting Analytics:

Williams has data significant enough to make determinations on his volume shooting potential. He does not meet the threshold, but is very close. In games with a high number of three point attempts, Williams shoots 39% from 3. He is 13th out of 22 in volume shooters with significant data.

This data was created by AJ Wahl by ploting each game of a player's most recent season. The x-axis represents the amount of threes taken per minute, in order to normalize for minutes played. The y-axis is simply the player's three point percentage in that particular game. The line represents the trend between a player's three point volume, and their success. A upward slope means that a player gains efficiency as they shoot more often, and a downward slope means that a player loses efficiency the more shots they take. Note that 0.2 3PA/36 is roughly 7 3s, and 0.3 translates to 11 3s. Only players with an R^2 value above .04 were analyzed, to ensure that each player has at least some correlation between their attempts and their frequency.


Defensive Versatility Analytics:

Williams is below average in defensive versatility, in the 40th percentile. He is helped by spending much of his time guarding ball handlers, although he is not very adept at this.

This data was hand-tracked by AJ Wahl and Bryon Cook. Every single defensive possesion of each player's season was analyzed. This dataset includes all possessions when the defender is guarding on-ball, in man-to-man, and against a player not within their position group who shoots the ball, is fouled, or commits a turnover. The percentile listed above is a players standing compared to their postion group calculated by compliling and weighing various different metrics derrived from the hand-tracked data. This data only measures a portion of a player's impact, but it is clear that the ability to defend out of one's position group is a vital skill to contributing to winning basketball at the professional level.

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