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Larry Suggs 651-442-7885


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Scouting Report


  • Rim protection and shot contest. Averaged 3.7 BPG.

  • Solid catch and shoot skills from three. Was at his best trailing and stepping into three point attempts from the top of the key after dribble penetration.

  • Versatile defender with switchability. Stayed in front of ball handlers well and uses his elite length to recover when beaten off the dribble.

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  • Not great at shot creation off the dribble. 

  • Decent handle in open space but not when looking to score. 

  • Very thin frame. More physical and stronger players could cause issues at the next level. 

  • Often deferred to teammates at the college level. 

  • Only averaged 8.8 FGA per game.

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Holmgren is a unique prospect with high-level skills on both sides of the ball. He has great rim-protecting instincts and the ability to guard along the perimeter. He was highly effective finishing at the rim and proved to be a capable catch-and-shoot 3pt shooter. Questions exist about his thin frame as well as his shot creation.

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  • The Wooden Award All American Team (2022) 

  • Consensus All-American Second Team (2022) 

  • AP All-American Second Team (2022) 

  • WCC All-Conference First Team (2022) 

  • WCC All-Tournament Team (2022) 

  • WCC Defensive Player of the Year (2022) 

  • WCC Newcomer of the Year (2022) 

  • WCC All-Freshman Team (2022) 

  • National High School player of the year (2021) 

  • McDonald's All-American (2021) 

  • Jordan Brand Classic (2021) 

  • Nike Hoop Summit (2021) 

  • Minnesota Mr. Basketball (2021) 

  • FIBA Under-19 World Cup MVP (2021)

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Game Report 3
Game Report 4
Intel Report 1
Intel Report 2
Intel Report 3
Intel Report 4


NBPA Top 100 - Charlottesville, VA - 6/12-15/2019

Can shoot it from the 3pt line, very long with a bit more athleticism than you would think. He plays with great confidence and has the ability to put it on the floor and create for himself.

UAA Championships - Atlanta, GA - 7/11/2019

A long player that can block and alter shots runs the floor well and can shoot it from the perimeter. Puts it on the floor a little and can push the break. NBPA Top 100: Can shoot it from the 3pt line. Very long and has a bit of athleticism than you would think. Plays with great confidence. Needs to fill out more in order to compete in the low post against bigger, stronger bigs.

USA Basketball - Colorado Springs, CO - 10/11-13/2019

Attacking the rim off the dribble, using a nice rip through from the perimeter to get to the rim. - Steps out for PnP and can put the ball on the floor to create for himself. Can block shots at the rim. Plays with no fear and doesn't shy away from contact.

Pangos All-American Festival 4 - Phoenix, AZ - 11/7-8/2020

Chet is as advertised, big player but a skinny frame, great passer with many assist and gets teammates the ball, passes well when doubled, moves really well off the ball, handles the ball fantastic for his size and has some nice shake moves, drives the ball well even in traffic, can finish with both hands on both sides of the hoop, form is great, draws contact well, finishes well when he gets contact, range from anywhere in the gym, has a nice step back, defensively he is everywhere, he blocked a number of shoots and always seemed to be involved on the defensive end. overall the best player by far on either team, team player made everyone on the floor with him better.

Iverson Classic 2021- Bartlett - TN - 5/7/2021 

Blocks shot at the rim, floater attempt. Blocks shot on runner attempt. Long offensive reb, drives the lane from the L wing finishes at the rim with contact.

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Volume Shooting Analytics:

Holmgren ranks high on the list of players with data significant enough to evaluate volume shooting potential. While the data indicates he struggles when taking few threes, he stars when taking a high volume. He ranks 4th of 22 eligible players as a volume shooter.

This data was created by AJ Wahl by ploting each game of a player's most recent season. The x-axis represents the amount of threes taken per minute, in order to normalize for minutes played. The y-axis is simply the player's three point percentage in that particular game. The line represents the trend between a player's three point volume, and their success. A upward slope means that a player gains efficiency as they shoot more often, and a downward slope means that a player loses efficiency the more shots they take. Note that 0.2 3PA/36 is roughly 7 3s, and 0.3 translates to 11 3s. Only players with an R^2 value above .04 were analyzed, to ensure that each player has at least some correlation between their attempts and their frequency.


Holmgren is a completely average big in terms of defensive versatility, falling in the 52nd percentile. He fouls slightly more than average, and does better guarding wings than ball handlers.

This data was hand-tracked by AJ Wahl and Bryon Cook. Every single defensive possesion of each player's season was analyzed. This dataset includes all possessions when the defender is guarding on-ball, in man-to-man, and against a player not within their position group who shoots the ball, is fouled, or commits a turnover. The percentile listed above is a players standing compared to their postion group calculated by compliling and weighing various different metrics derrived from the hand-tracked data. This data only measures a portion of a player's impact, but it is clear that the ability to defend out of one's position group is a vital skill to contributing to winning basketball at the professional level.

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