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210 lbs.






Jabari Smith, Sr 404-781-3673 Hulio Smith 404-975-8782


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Scouting Report


  • Defensive Versatility can guard multiple positions. 

  • Athletic finisher when attacking the rim

  • Can create his own shot in transition on pull-up threes. 

  • Putting the ball on the floor and using his athleticism to attack the rim on straight line drives. 

  • Is dynamic and can operate in catch and shoot scenarios and create his own shot off the dribble. 

  • Operating as a ball handler and pushing the pace. 

  • A good quick first step to the rim for his size. 

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  • Settles for tough contested jump shots instead of attacking the rim more. 

  • Doesn’t find the open man when operating as a playmaker. 

  • Inconsistent on the defensive end and at times can get blown past by 

  • Doesn’t absorb enough contact when setting screens 

  • Isn’t crafty when finishing at the rim.

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Jabari is a modern-day stretch big that can shoot it from the perimeter, he can rebound & push in transition, and he defends multiple positions (Smith ranked #1 in the draft class on the BTL Sports Defensive Metric Chart). He is a polished face-up scoring threat in the mid-post area, using a series of jab/shot fakes to keep his defender off balance. In transition, Smith is not afraid of getting out and filling lanes to make himself an option to score. On the defensive end, his length and athleticism allow him to play the passing lanes and mix it up on the interior.

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  • The Wooden Award All American Team (2022) 

  • Consensus All-American Second Team (2022) 

  • AP All-American Second Team (2022) 

  • First Team All-SEC (2022) 

  • SEC Freshman of the Year (2022) 

  • SEC All-Freshman Team (2022)

  • McDonald's All-American (2021) 

  • Jordan Brand Classic (2021) 

  • Nike Hoop Summit (2021) 

  • Mr. Georgia Basketball (2021)

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Intel Report 1
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Tip-Off Classic - Atlanta, GA - 4/19/2019

Knocked down wing 3 from the left side of the court, alters shot at the rim. Not very confident putting the ball on the court but I can see improvement from the last time I saw him. Made another wing 3pt shot to start the 2nd half. Uses his length well as an interior defender, puts his hands straight up does not fall for pump fakes. Makes tough and1 driving left from the right-wing. Like to get into 1 dribble pull-up rhythm from the elbow. He is a willing passer, tries to play within himself, and does not force too much.

NBPA Top 100 - Charlottesville, VA- 6/11-14/2019

Impressed with his ability to mix it up for rebounds. He is talking on defense. Not moving his feet well in PnR action, letting the ball handler turn the corner.

 USA Basketball - Colorado Springs, CO - 10/11-13/2019

Very skilled, can put the ball on the floor shot it off the catch, protect the paint and finish around the rim. He needs his body to catch up with his skill.

Hawks Naismith Holiday Classic - Norcross, GA - 12/13-14/2019

Make C&S 3 from the left corner on the first possession of the game. Attacking the closeout with 1 dribble pullup. Got his feet set quick on a nice transition pull-up 3 from the left-wing. Great awareness on a broken play as he finds a teammate under the basket for a layup. He's rushing his shots like he's not gonna get the ball back. Needs to show more patients. He settles for the 3pt shot too much, needs to put pressure on the defense. Was getting overplayed in the corner, set his defender up nicely for a backdoor with a 2 hand dunk finish with and1. Showed a little mean streak late in the game after getting trash-talked most of the game, he got fouled went up, and threw it down stong with the right hand and let him know it was gonna be none of that!

OTR The Opening - Atlanta, GA - 6/27/2020

Easy 2 hand dunk as he dives to the front of the rim. An easy layup in transition on the left side. Pump fake rip for a layup on the right side with contact. And 1. Block at the rim, tips out to a teammate for an easy dunk. Ast on transition dunk. Makes corner 3 at the buzzer to end the 1st half. Nice AST from the elbow to a wide-open teammate under the basket.

Tip-Off Classic - Atlanta - GA - 7/3-5/2020 

Makes faceup elbow jumpers primarily on the R side. Blocks shots at the rim gather the reb & kicks out for easy transition dunks for his team. Makes a nice touch pass out of the post for a wide-open 3pt attempt. Monster on the defensive boards, he is snatching everything as well as altering shots at the rim. Makes pant jumper from elbow post. Post entry post up rips through R hook in ht lane. Blocking everything at the rim! makes R layup in transition with a body bump! Makes pull-up jumper, shoulder shake jab R wing. Def reb push in transition euro in the lane. Runs the floor catches lob on the R side. Strong rip through from the elbow, muscles up strong for easy finish layup on the right side. Makes trail C&S 3 from the top of the key. Makes a tough turnaround jumper in the lane, fouled and1-1. Ast on post entry pass. Catches lob on the L side with two hands.

GA Elite Fall League - Emerson, GA - 10/3/2020 

Block and def reb. Ast in the lane for corner 3 as he drew 2 defenders. Steal at half court, pushes the ball with the R hand, attacks back-peddling defender draws fouled 2-2. Makes top of the key 3 on the trail. Push the ball in transition, attacks on the R side finishes at the rim with contact. Blocks shot at the rim, stays vertical. 

Pangos All-American Festival 4 - Phoenix, AZ - 11/7-8/2020

Smith was the best player on the south team in both halves IMO, he guarded Perry and Banchero effectively and out hustled them, He was a pest on D and gave them little room to get going offensively, He was extremely bouncy having impressive hops, his body may be small in comparison to KP and PB but he used his frame, athleticism, and size to be extremely effective, He showed good post moves and finished well in and around the rim, good shot and range out to 3 point land, ran the court well in transition making the bigger defenders have to work, had a super quick second jump to get a few putbacks, created contact well and could finish effectively in traffic, rebounded and boxed out well. Smith won MVP of the championship game.

GA Elite Fall League - Emerson, GA - 10/17/2020 

Ast of mid-post as he drew two defenders, hits cutter coming from the top of the key. Makes 1 dribble pull up at the FT line, attacking from the R wing.  Makes C&S 3 from the top of the key as the trail man in early o. Makes C&S long 2pt shot from the R wing. Make C&S 3 on PnP action. Fouled on a drive from the l wing makes 2-2. Makes a tough layup with 3 defenders hanging all over him. Makes two-hand dunk off drive & drop. Makes two hand layup up off PnR actions.

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Smith Jr. is by far the most defensively versatile player in this class. He allowed opponenents to shoot just 15% from 2 and 24% from 3. He stars both when switching, and matching up out of position. He also spends a vast majority of his time out of position, guarding wings and ball handlers. It is important to note that Smith Jr. had the assistance of Walker Kessler as his rim protection, which certainly impacted his numbers.

This data was hand-tracked by AJ Wahl and Bryon Cook. Every single defensive possesion of each player's season was analyzed. This dataset includes all possessions when the defender is guarding on-ball, in man-to-man, and against a player not within their position group who shoots the ball, is fouled, or commits a turnover. The percentile listed above is a players standing compared to their postion group calculated by compliling and weighing various different metrics derrived from the hand-tracked data. This data only measures a portion of a player's impact, but it is clear that the ability to defend out of one's position group is a vital skill to contributing to winning basketball at the professional level.

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