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Scouting Report


  • When he has time and space, he can knock down the 3pt shot 

  • Makes good decisions as a playmaker 

  • Good on ball defender, active hands in the passing lanes

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  • Shooting percentages are poor across the board (streaky shooter) 

  • Doesn’t create space off the dribble 

  • Struggles to finish in the lane 

  • Needs to get stronger

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Jean can knock down shots from behind the 3pt line when he has time and space; he is also a decent playmaker when he gets in the lane. He is also a pesky defender that has active hands resulting in steals. He must improve his shooting consistency from the field, along with his questionable shot selection. He also needs to get stronger, which is one reason he struggles finishing in the lane.

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  • OTE Scoring Champion (2022)

  • Valencia Tournament [ANGT] MVP (2019/2020)

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Basketball Without Borders Global Camp - Chicago, IL - 2/14 - 16/ 2020

He shot the ball at a high clip from all three levels. He created jump-shots from the 3pt line, finished in the mid-range and, and finished in the lane over larger defenders with floaters & runners. He was also good at PnR action, as he showed patience coming off looking for the roller. He made several big 3's throughout the camp to put his team ahead or tie the game. He was also one of the youngest campers in attendance but that didn't stop him from winning MVP honors.

Team Overtime vs. Dr. Phillips - Atlanta, GA - 10/29/2021

He did a good job controlling the game's pace while on the floor and tried to get his team into sets. He shot it well from the 3pt line off the dribble and the catch and made a couple of runners on the glass. He also did a good job securing long rebounds and facilitating for his teammates. He did make a few unforced turnovers; looking for highlight plays; I would've liked to see him value the ball more. 

Team Overtime vs. Team OTE - Atlanta, GA, 1/22/2022

He struggled to finish in the lane and didn't shoot it well from the 3pt line as Amen Thomas primarily defended him, got his shot blocked several times in the lane, and most of his 3's were contested. I was impressed with his desire to attack the paint and put pressure on the defense, drawing fouls going 8-9 from the FT line. But I am concerned that the length and athleticism bothered him so much.

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Volume Shooting Analytics:

Montero has statistically significant data so that it is possible to project his potential as a volume shooter. However, Montero does not project to be successful as a volume shooter, ranking third to last of eligible players. He would actually be quite successful as a low usage shooter, as he shot 39% in games with few attempts.

This data was created by AJ Wahl by ploting each game of a player's most recent season. The x-axis represents the amount of threes taken per minute, in order to normalize for minutes played. The y-axis is simply the player's three point percentage in that particular game. The line represents the trend between a player's three point volume, and their success. A upward slope means that a player gains efficiency as they shoot more often, and a downward slope means that a player loses efficiency the more shots they take. Note that 0.2 3PA/36 is roughly 7 3s, and 0.3 translates to 11 3s. Only players with an R^2 value above .04 were analyzed, to ensure that each player has at least some correlation between their attempts and their frequency.

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Highlight Skills
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