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  • Putting the ball on the floor and playmaking for others. 

  • Constantly moving without the ball leading to high quality open shots at the rim as a cutter or as a catch and shoot three-point shooter. 

  • Creating opportunities for himself with his ability to offensive rebound by getting extra possessions and second-chance opportunities. 

  • He is versatile on the defensive end allowing him to guard multiple positions.  

  • Using his strength to get deep post positioning to get hook shots and turnaround jumpers. 

  • Pushing the pace as a ball handler in transition. 

  • Absorbing contact and playing through it rather than shying away from it. 

  • High IQ. 

  • When his shot isn’t falling, he looks to facilitate rather than forcing up shots. 

  • Good defensive positioning despite lack of athleticism and quickness. 

  • Active hands allowing him to get steals and deflections. This enables him to create offense off his defense. 

  • Nice finishing touch around the rim.

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  • Catch and shoot three-point shooting. 

  • Forcing contested passes through tight corners at times.

  • Not an very athletic or strong big, facilitates as an offensive luxury more than a defensive asset

  • Can rush his shot without setting his lower half/base up first, leading to weak shooting past the 6-10 ft. range

  • Seems too overthink his mechanics when having enough of an open shot, rather than letting his muscle memory flow

  • Can often be too erractic with his ball distrubution on offense, especially when playing at a high pace

  • Defers to the pass or drive too often whe faced with the possibiity of taking a shot

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Jeremy is constantly moving without the ball, finding open space for a high-quality shot behind the defense. He is also active on the offensive boards securing extra possessions and second-chance opportunities. If he can add a consistent catch-and-shoot 3pt shot, it would open a driving lane for him and set up play-making opportunities for others. His most significant skill is his defensive versatility; he can switch 2-5 and impact the game from that end of the floor.

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  • Big 12 All-Freshman Team (2022) 

  • All-Big 12 Honorable Mention (2022) 

  • Big 12 Sixth Man Award (2022)

  • FIBA U16 European Championship Division B - MVP (2019)

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Game Report 4
Intel Report 1
Intel Report 2
Intel Report 3
Intel Report 4


Chick-Fil-A Classic - Columbia, SC - 12/19-21/2019 

Day 1 - Working out on the offensive boards, 2 in the first 2 possession. Another off reb with putting back. Shows good footwork in the lane with a turnaround jumper in the lane. Can put it on the floor little, straight-line drives. Protecting the rim on the interior. 

Day 2 -Tried to take the rim off on a PNR drop off a pass. Got up high as he caught a lob in transition and finished over the top of a defender. Makes C&S 3 from R corner in transition. Controlling the game right now with his energy and effort.

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Sochan expectedly shines as a versatile defender, ranking in the 80th percentile of wings. He is especially skilled at defending bigs, as well as matching up out of position. However, he is excellent in all situations and contexts while defending out of position. He also rarely fouls his opponents.

This data was hand-tracked by AJ Wahl and Bryon Cook. Every single defensive possesion of each player's season was analyzed. This dataset includes all possessions when the defender is guarding on-ball, in man-to-man, and against a player not within their position group who shoots the ball, is fouled, or commits a turnover. The percentile listed above is a players standing compared to their postion group calculated by compliling and weighing various different metrics derrived from the hand-tracked data. This data only measures a portion of a player's impact, but it is clear that the ability to defend out of one's position group is a vital skill to contributing to winning basketball at the professional level.

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