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171 lbs.






Kennedy Chandler - 901-598-4619


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Scouting Report


  • He plays well without the ball and is constantly moving without the ball.

  • His speed, explosiveness, and craftiness when moving off-ball allows him to find the open spaces for a high percentage shot.

  • Attacking the rim on straight line drives

  • Catch and shoot three-point shooting

  • Quick first step when attacking the rim allows him to blow by defenders.

  • Playmaking by finding cutters, leak-out man in transition, and the open man.

  • Scrappy help defender.

  • Quick release when operating as a catch and shoot three-point shooter.

  • He can create offense off his defense by getting steals and deflections.

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  • Lack of size makes it hard to finish around the rim

  • Struggles to pass through length

  • Lack of size and physicality makes him struggle to create separation from defender when creating his shot off the dribble.

  • Lack of poise, craftiness, and body control when attacking the rim

  • He struggles when forced to close out and contest shots from three-point range. Slow on rotations and can’t apply much resistance when contesting shots.

  • He’s always looking to shoot when attacking the rim instead of getting his teammates more looks off dribble penetration.

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Kennedy has a quick first step and changes speed and direction well. In the open court, he uses his quickness to keep his defender on their heels while attacking the paint. When he gets in the lane he looks to dump off to the big, kick out to the wing or finish with runners or floaters. Kennedy needs to get stronger so he doesn't get bumped off his spot, or bullied in the lane.

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  • Second Team All-SEC (2022) 

  • SEC Tournament MVP (2022) 

  • SEC All-Tournament Team (2022) 

  • SEC All-Freshman Team (2022)

  • McDonald's All-American (2021) 

  • Jordan Brand Classic (2021) 

  • Nike Hoop Summit (2021)

  • Tennessee Mr. Basketball (2020 & 2019)

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Game Report 4
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USA Basketball - Colorado Springs, CO - 10/11-13/2019 

Quick off the dribble,   likes to get out in the open court and score before the defense gets set. Memphis 

Hoopfest - Memphis, TN - 1/3-4/2020

Day 1 - Nice drop-off for an easy layup in early offense. Nice stroke from the perimeter from the left-wing. Smooth step-back 3 from the right-wing. Putting pressure on the defense as he?s getting to the paint. Finishing in the lane with contact. Getting into a rhythm now off the dribble. Shooting stroke is pure, nice rotation and gets it off quickly.

Day 2 - Completely controlled the pace of the entire game, they made IMG play half-court. He handled the pressure very well, dribbled circles around the defense. Found he spots to score and pulled off an amazing upset win.

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Volume Shooting Analytics:

Chandler has data significant enough to evaluate his potential as a volume shooter in the future. Chandler's numbers suggest that he will absolutely have success as a high volume three point shooter, ranking in second among eligible players in this class.

This data was created by AJ Wahl by ploting each game of a player's most recent season. The x-axis represents the amount of threes taken per minute, in order to normalize for minutes played. The y-axis is simply the player's three point percentage in that particular game. The line represents the trend between a player's three point volume, and their success. A upward slope means that a player gains efficiency as they shoot more often, and a downward slope means that a player loses efficiency the more shots they take. Note that 0.2 3PA/36 is roughly 7 3s, and 0.3 translates to 11 3s. Only players with an R^2 value above .04 were analyzed, to ensure that each player has at least some correlation between their attempts and their frequency.

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