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Dwayne Washington - 416-272-7999


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Scouting Report


  • Elite athlete – finishes well around the rim – lob threat 

  • Has solid shot mechanics when his feet are set from behind the 3pt line 

  • Moves well without the ball 

  • Has good defensive instincts – plays the passing lanes well 

  • Good positional size and length (6’4, 198 lbs., 6’11 wingspan)

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  • Shot selection is poor – takes tough contested shots 

  • Doesn’t finish well with contact 

  • Needs to improve his handle – struggles to create space off the dribble 

  • Below average rebounder – doesn’t like to mix it up on the interior 

  • Careless with the ball – too many unforced turnovers 

  • Doesn’t appear to have hunger or desire to compete – lacks killer instinct

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Shaedon has a lot of untapped potential, highlighted by his elite athleticism, which allows him to finish well around the rim. He also has good shot mechanics, which should lead to a much-improved stroke from behind the 3pt line. He does need to improve his handle as he currently lacks the ability to create off the dribble, and he also must work on finishing in the lane with contact.

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  • Ranked No. 1 player in the class of 2022 by ESPN before enrolling at Kentucky

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Midwest Mania – Indianapolis, IN – 4/23 – 25/ 2021

Knocked down a couple of mid-range jumpers. Showed off his athleticism catching a backdoor in the half-court and catching a lob in transition filling the lane on the L side. Showed the ability to impact the game on the defensive end, jumped the passing lane for easy two hand dunk, chase down block as he pinned the ball to the glass.

Nike EYBL – N. Augusta, SC – 7/15/2021

Had a nice assist in P&R action, hit the roller with a one hand off the dribble pocket pass for an easy layup. Made a tough step back 3 from the right wing. Finish in the lane with contact as the roll man in PnR action.

Nike Peach Jam – N. Augusta, SC – 7/20 – 25/2021

Had a nice chase down block in transition. Created off the dribble with a cross over L to R for tough layup with contact. Made a nice cut down the middle of the lane, finishes with two hand dunk at the front of the rim. Made a C&S 3 from the L corner off back screen from the wing. Makes back door cut for easy layup.

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Sharpe is in the 30th percentile of defensive versatility among wings. He struggled in all aspects of defending out of position, but especially defending bigs. He allowed 65% from 2, the lowest of any wing analyzed. It is important to note that this data comes from high school, AAU, and FIBA play that spans multiple years, so there is a chance that this is not representative of his current abilities.

This data was hand-tracked by AJ Wahl and Bryon Cook. Every single defensive possesion of each player's season was analyzed. This dataset includes all possessions when the defender is guarding on-ball, in man-to-man, and against a player not within their position group who shoots the ball, is fouled, or commits a turnover. The percentile listed above is a players standing compared to their postion group calculated by compliling and weighing various different metrics derrived from the hand-tracked data. This data only measures a portion of a player's impact, but it is clear that the ability to defend out of one's position group is a vital skill to contributing to winning basketball at the professional level.

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