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Jan 8, 2003











213.6 lbs.






Tyeke Sullivan
Agent - Creative Artists Agency


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Jun 18, 2024

BTLS Report™
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Highlight Skills
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Scouting Report


  • Plays well off of teammates, dribble penetration from guards allows him to cut from the weakside and finish plays at the rim

  • Runs the floor well in transition, provides vertical spacing from his elite athleticism (finished with 37 dunks this past season)

  • Elite finisher at the rim

  • Because he is a liability offensively due to his lack of shot creation and poor outside shooting, he is unguarded on most possessions in the halfcourt, but he still makes himself available with his positioning away from the ball and timing on his cuts

  • Versatile on ball defender, high level weak side rim protector, elite defender in isolation,

  • Teams shoot very low percentages against Dunn in post ups, isolations, and as the PnR ball handler

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  • Does not space the floor due to poor outside shooting and also struggles to convert at the charity stripe

  • Does not feel comfortable putting the ball on the floor when driving to the rim

  • Some possessions he lacks aggression with the ball, at times does not even face up and look at the rim

  • Needs to improve playmaking/distributing off the dribble (has a low assist rate)

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Dunn showcased the ability to move well off the ball, run the floor well in transition, and provide vertical spacing due to his unique athleticism. His high level finishing around the rim allowed for him to provide some type of value on the offensive end. His off ball movement and timing on cuts as well as his positioning away from the ball gives him opportunities to score in the half court. Dunn is a high level defender with a nonstop motor and skill set that gives him the ability to cover multiple positions and prevent points while also forcing tough, contested shots. His versatility defensively allows for Dunn to guard the ball handler in PnRs but also switch on bigs and defend in the low post too. His main weakness is his overall jumper. His poor outside shooting left him unguarded in the half court and left as an afterthought at times. His handle also needs to improve when driving to the basket and in the open floor. On some possessions, Dunn lacks aggression with the ball, sometimes not even facing up to look at the rim. Improvements on his outside shot and overall handle will help create more opportunities offensively in the half court.

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ACC All-Honorable Mention Team - 2024 

ACC All-Defensive Team - 2024

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  • PTS 8.1

  • REB 6.9

  • AST 0.8

  • FG% 54.8

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Game Report 3
Game Report 4
Intel Report 1
Intel Report 2
Intel Report 3
Intel Report 4


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Defensive Switch Metric:

Charting Sample Size - how many games were observed and charted

Total Active Possessions- total number of possessions where a player guarded the ball, forced a deflection or was involved in an off-ball action.

Total Switch Possessions- total number of possessions with a switch or cross-match where a wing player is guarding a lead ball handler or post player.

Total Shots Defended- number of shots where a player was the primary defender or directly contesting the opposing player’s shot.

Synergy Points Per Possession- points per possession for all defensive plays marked by Synergy.

Switch Points Per Possession- points per possession while a player was switched or cross-matched onto an opposing ball handler or big (post player).

Shot Contest Grade- rates a player’s shot contest on a scale of 1-4 under the following criteria

1. Wide Open- player was not within 8-10 feet of the scorer or no contest at all (1 Contest Point)

2. Open- hands down on a contest, within 8-10 feet of the shooter (2 Contest Points)

3. Light Contest- hands up on a contest and within 5-8 feet of a shooter (3 Contest Points)

4. Heavy Contest- close to the shooter and forcing an off-balance, fading, or double-clutch shot, or a light contest preceded by a non-fouling bump in the legal guarding position (4 Contest Points)

Switch Position Grade - rates a player’s positionality on a scale of 1-4 during the process of switching throughout a possession

  1. Bad- out-of-control closeout, pinned in under the basket or fronting too far out from the basket on a post up, blow-by, or trailing heavily behind a play because of screen navigation, no ball pressure (1 SP Grade Point)

  2. Neutral- on the side/slightly behind a player, flat-footed or with little ball pressure, not ready to move in a closeout situation, directly behind a post player on the block or on the side in a deny coverage (2 SP Grade Points)

  3. Good- under control closeout and good on-ball defense, moderate ball pressure, close follow in trail position for a pick and roll or lock and trail scenario, fronting or keeping post player outside of the restricted area on a post-up (3 SP Grade Points)

  4. Very Good- excellent closeout and on-ball defense, switching “into” a player with high ball pressure and intensity, strongly denying a post player in a post-up or pushing them out of the paint (4 SP Grade Points)

Stocks per 100 - steals and blocks per 100 active possessions

Blown Coverage- a missed closeout or rotation, blow by, reaching/gambling for steals with no

turnover forced, flopping, and any shooting foul

Total Switch Frequency- the percentage of total active possessions that a player is switched or cross-matched onto a ball handler or big overall

Guard Switch Frequency- the percentage of total switch possessions that a wing player is switched onto a lead guard

Big Switch Frequency - the percentage of total switch possessions that a wing player is

switched onto a post player

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