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3SSB Live II - Spartanburg, SC

April 22 – 24

For more information on the the players listed and other's who participated in this event please contact me directly:

Algermany Barnes || Eagles Landing (GA) 6’5 SG || 2022

An athletic wing that ran the floor well finished around the rim in transition. Shot it well on catch and shoot opportunities when his feet were set. He did a good job on straight-line drives from the perimeter using pump-fakes and jab-steps to get his defender off balance. Competed on the defensive end, closed out hard negating shot opportunities, and played the passing lanes well. He needs to improve his handle to create shots for himself and his teammates.

Freddie Dilione || Word of God (NC) || 6’6 PG || 2023

He has good size and length, displayed the ability to create off the dribble, and showed good touch in and around the lane with runners and floaters. He has good shot mechanics and knocked down a few 3’s when he got his feet set. He was a little loose with the ball and tended to over-dribble, leading to turnovers.

Jakobe Walter || McKinney (TX) || 6’6 SG || 2023

He was really impressive defensively, played the passing lanes well did a good job containing the ball handler on the perimeter. He could get to the rim off the dribble but didn’t finish well at the rim. He rushed shots from the 3pt line but when he had time, knocked down shots. Shot it well in the mid-range from about 15ft.

Assane Diop || Accelerated Schools (CO) || 6’10 F/G || 2023

Elite passer passes guys open, hits cutters, and likes to kick ahead in transition. He has one of the best feels I saw at the event, moves well without the ball, and finds open spots within the defense to post up. He has good touch to finish well around the rim. Doesn’t get good separation off the dribble.

Brycen Blaine || Berkmar (GA) || 6’5 SG || 2023

He has a solid frame to take advantage of smaller defenders. Shot it well off the dribble in the mid-range. He has good footwork on drives to elude defenders in the lane. He got after it on the defensive end, picking up several on-ball steals. He needs to improve his passing as he tends to have tunnel vision when he drives to the rim.

Micah Smith || Sandy Creek (GA) || 6’8 SF || 2024

A long athlete that plays the passing well uses length to disrupt passing angles for steals and deflections. He can play inside/out, which allows him to post up a smaller defender, take bigger, slower defenders on the perimeter, and take them off the dribble. He moves well off the ball, makes nice cuts, and dives to the rim. I would like to see him play with a higher motor.

Jayden Williams || Brookwood (GA) || 6’9 PF || 2024

He runs the floor well for both rim runs and to get back and wall up on the defensive end. He gets off his feet quick for blocks and crashing the boards on both ends of the floor. He has good touch around the rim but doesn’t look to post up much; he gets most shots from offensive rebounds or transition action.

Somtochukwu Cyril || Hamilton Heights (TN) || 6’10 PF || 2024

Elite shot blocker uses his length to deter shots at the rim and stays vertical. He runs the floor well and has good size and strength, crashing the boards on both ends of the floor. He tries to dunk everything around the rim. Not playing with guards that look for him on lobs, but I’ve seen him in other settings and know he rolls hard and catches everything.

Caleb Wilson || Holy Innocents (GA) || 6’8 PF || 2025

He is big and skilled and can put the ball on the floor to create for himself and shoot it well from the perimeter. He has a good feel off the ball and makes timely cuts to the front of the rim for easy shot opportunities. He runs the floor well and can defend a little on the perimeter.

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