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Georgia Tech vs Notre Dame Buzzer Beater

On Feb. 9th, Lance Terry fought hard and carried Georgia Tech in the last seconds of the


Terry had 19 points, three assists, and three rebounds as the Yellow Jackets overcame the

Fighting Irish at the buzzard 70-68 on Wednesday night at the McCamish Pavilion.

At the beginning of the first half Notre Dame outweighed Georgia Tech shooting 14/28

from the field goal and 4/4 from the free throw line. Both teams battled back and forth to

take the lead.

With 5:43 remaining, Cormac Ryan’s 3-point dagger brings Notre Dame 27-24.

During the second half, with under 15 min. Tech Ja’von Franklin breaks the tie 48-46 with a

fast break dunk. The game was back and forth for the rest of the way, under four min.

Dallan ‘Deebo’ Coleman is fouled and steps up to hit his three free throws bringing the

score 65-64.

The Fighting Irish now trail by one.

As the game wine down into the last few seconds chills rush through the arena. With 41

seconds left, the score is tied 68-68. Moments later, the Jackets get a hold of the ball, and

Terry tips in a missed jumper at the buzzer-beater, raising the crowd to their feet.

Georgia Tech advances over Notre Dame by two.

Franklin finished with 16 points and nine rebounds, while Deivon Smith added nine

rebounds and seven assists. Kyle Sturdivant and Coleman scored double figures ending the

night with 12 and 11.

Written by: Kayla Rodgers

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