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Grassroots Showcase Kentucky

Dylan Canoville || Florida Pro 2021 || 6’5 PF || C/O 2021

Big broad shoulders, great bounce, who displayed his incredible strength down in the low post get whatever he wanted over defenders. This kid has excellent balance when absorbing contact as he finishes at the basket in transition.

Joey Brown || Florida Pro 2021 || 6’3 SG || C/O 2021

Joey is a smooth, lefty combo guard who finishes strong at the rim with contact. At his size, he showed tremendous upside, locking down the primary opposition. Catch and shoot from anywhere outside the perimeter who isn't afraid to take what the defense gives him.

Raphael “Raph” Houssou || Florida Pro 2021 || 6’1 PG || C/O 2021

An athletic guard who can spot up from the 3pt line and knock down the mid-range jumper. He also showed some ability to get his teammates involved consistently. He doesn't cheat himself nor his team on the defensive side of the ball and willing to be coachable. Raph has a good basketball IQ being able to move without the ball, placing his teammates in position to convert easy baskets.

Sean Jones || All-Ohio Red || 6'0 PG || C/O 2022

Patient and controlled the tempo of the games he played. He was good at attacking the defense off the dribble absorbing contact against defenders taller than him getting to the cup every other possession when his team needed him to do so. No one was better at extending possessions and being a vocal leader like Sean.

Ausar Thompson || Florida Pro || 6’6 SG || C/O 2022

A slashing scorer and a threat on the offensive boards that defenders had no answer for. This kid was a nightmare on both sides of the ball. Ausar was a mismatch for the opposition due to his versatility and length being a big factor in his paint's success.

Amen Thompson || Florida Pro || 6’6 SG || C/O 2022

The 6'6 playmaker was causing havoc on the opposition due to his ability to split double teams and attack the basket at will. Out in the open court, Amen was a nightmare on the offensive end by seeing over his defenders, anticipating what the defense was giving him; as a result, he got his teammates involved as much as he wanted. This kid was willing to put his body on the line taking charges at the end of regulation on numerous occasions.

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Written by: Tyler Davis Until next time...

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