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Holiday Hoopsgiving 11/25/23 Atlanta

Elhadji Diallo || 2026 || 6’7 PF|| Combine Academy

Diallo is a 6’7 center who did all the dirty work for his team. He was effective in protecting the paint by blocking players driving to the rim and jumping straight up to contest layups without putting them on the foul line. He always chases for defensive rebounds and was active on the offensive glass by grabbing 4 offensive rebounds.  Big that runs in transition on both ends of the floor. Offensively he was effective from the dunker spot and made one mid-range shot on the catch.


Dillion Tingler || 2024 || 6’7 SF|| Huntington Prep

Tingler was hands down the best shooter on the court when playing against Combine Academy by making 5-11 of his 3s. He can shoot coming off screens and make jumpers on the catch when he is contested and open. Needs little space on the screen to get his shot off which is impressive.  He is also capable of creating for himself by putting the ball on the floor to get to the rim when defenders play him tight and to get to his pull-up jumper.   


Julius Winston || 2024 || 6’7 F/C|| Next Level Academy

Winston was Glue Man for his team against DNA Prep. He was a stat sheet stuffer by doing a little bit of everything for his team. He boxed out and grabbed 11 rebounds. When he gets rebounds, he does a good job pushing the tempo with the ball and finding his teammate by getting 5 ast with 0 turnovers. In one play he went coast to coast and did a behind-the-back dunk to avoid getting it stolen which was impressive. Capable finisher from the dunker spot. He was impressive on the defensive end.  He took charge in transition which is rare in high school basketball. He was contesting shots and playing the passing lane and ended the game with 3 blocks and 4 steals. 


Naas Cunningham || 2024 || 6’7 F|| Southern California Academy

Naas was the leading scorer for his team against Dream City by having 15 pt. He is a legit sharpshooter forward. He does a good job spacing the floor and knocking down his open jumper. He can make 3s by running around screens as well. He does a good job running the floor and allowing his teammates to have space. He can also grab rebounds on both ends of the floor by grabbing 6 defensive rebounds and 2 offensive rebounds.


Jamari Phillips || 2024 || 6’3 G|| Dream City Christian

Jamari looked like an elite shooter by making his 4-8 of the 3s he attempted in the first half. He caught on fire early which led to him being played tighter in the second half. He responded well to the pressure by doing a good job passing the ball in P&R situations. He made a difficult behind-the-back pass that led to an assist for his team. He also did a good job attacking the rim by making 2 floater over defenders on the side of him. Even though he didn’t cause any turnovers, he does a good job talking on the court to help his team on defense and offense.

Carter Mcdole || 2024 || 6’6 F|| DNA Prep Academy

Carter is a 6’6 forward who was able to do a little bit of everything. He effectively guarding

rebounds for his team by getting 12 rebounds. He was able to get rebounds and push the pace for his team. He can go coast to coast and slash to the rim when driving. He was able to get 4 blocks shot in the game showing his ability to contest shots in the perimeter and the rim. He has the capability to space the floor which makes his game so diverse.

Bryson Tucker || 2024 || 6’6 SF|| Bishop O’Connell

Bryson put on a solid performance against Oak Ridge High by leading his team with 20 pts. He got to his spots and made just a difficult fadeaway shot over his defender. He did a good job running in transition to get easy pts for his team. He did a good job scoring from the inside and also moving the ball around to his teammates. He also did a good job staying in front of the player he was guarding to cause them to make turnovers.  


Jamier Jones || 2025 || 6’6 SF|| Oak Ridge

Jamier was effective in attacking the rim with and without the ball. With the ball, he did a good job slashing to the rim and avoiding contact to make his layups. Without the ball, he was an effective cutter to the rim. He was able to dunk the ball multiple times when he made timely cuts and by running in transition. He was 9-12 from the field finishing with 20 pts

John Mobley Jr. || 2024 || 6’2 G|| Wasatch

John Mobley did a good job getting to the rim all game. He continues to blow by his defender multiple times to get to showcase his quickest. He made 3 And-1 layups in the game by finishing through contact by defender guarding him. He was able to make multiple floaters as well when getting to the lane.


Bhan Buom|| 2024 || 6’8 F|| Wasatch

Bhan was MVP in the matchup vs Christoper Columbus High. He was able to affect the game in every area. He was able to go coast to coast to make an AND-1 layup. He was able to space the floor and knock down an open 3-point shot. For the entire game, he did an effective job slashing and finding an open man in transition. He continued to apply pressure inside when attacking the rim which allowed his teammates to get open shots and showed how dynamic of an offensive player he is. Baun was able to make Fadeaway’s midrange going left over the defender which was a highly difficult shot. In and out driving left making a difficult layup when his team needed a bucket. Bail out of midrange to find an open man in corners


Cameron Boozer || 2025 || 6’9|| Columbus

One of the best prospects in the 2025 class was showcasing why he is one of the best in the country. He can drive and penetrate the ball. He drives right throw oop as a center which not too many bigs can do. He is working and improving on his jumper by making his open threes when he takes them. He did a good job guarding the drive and not fouling when contesting shots in the paint. Used body and size well to back down defenders to get easy shots in the paint. Good job attacking the boards on both ends which is important since he was the only big player on his team. He can move in transition with and without the ball. On one possession he dribbles the ball behind his back and finds his teammate open in the paint which is impressive for a big his size.

Contributio: Jamil Mendoza


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