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The Tip-Off Classic - 2023

The Tip-Off Classic presented by HoopHustlers is one of the best independent events of the year here are some of the best 2023 prospects from the event.

Isaiah West || Goodpasture Christian || C/O 2023

A good playmaking guard with a good handle showed the ability to create for himself and others. He also set the pace for his team, and when they needed a timely bucket, he was the one that produced it.

Keith Williams || Mount Vernon High School || C/O 2023

He is a physically big that plays with his back to the basket and can finish because of his soft touch. He utilized his size well to gain good offensive position in the post and ran the floor consistently.

Coen Carr || Dutchtown High School || C/O 2023

He is an athletic wing with good defensive instincts and a solid penetrator when attacking the defense. He had a knack for drawing contact and going to the free throw and had quick feet off the ground for offensive rebound opportunities.

Jesse Fortune || Fort Myers High School || C/O 2023

Tall and athletic wing with a solid handle and the ability to find teammates. He has a silky handle with the ability to create for himself and others. His length gives him the capability to give smaller guards trouble and alter shots at the rim.

Leroy Roker || Fort Myers High School || C/O 2023

He is a physical guard that competes on both ends of the floor. He consistently jumped the passing lanes and disrupted ball handlers for on-ball steal, which led to easy finishes in transition. He also is fearless and crafty when attacking the rim.

Malachi Alston || Rocky River HS || 6’0 SG || C/O 2023

Once Malachi gets in the paint, you can almost tell that he will get a bucket every time. He adjusts his body enough to avoid heavy contact and make the basket. He knows how to change direction and get to the basket. His in and out is his most effective move, especially in transition. Although he showcased his contact finishes the most, he can also shoot the ball pretty well, especially in catch-and-shoot situations.

Zion McDuffie || Butler HS || 6’4 SF || C/O 2023

McDuffie is an athletic forward who can play above the rim and score almost anywhere on the court. Solid rebounder. He looks for second chances opportunities around the rim and gets the foul call nearly every time.

JJ Moore || Hunter Huss HS || 5’10 PG || C/O 2023

JJ Moore is a true point guard who showed off his ability to score the ball and find opportunities for others. He had some great setups in transitions that ended up with alley-oop dunks. Solid passer. He hit a flashy behind-the-back pass to a teammate for a floater in transition. He makes good reads in PnR action as he seems to know when to attack the rim or find the roller. He found his man on the roll for a crazy, explosive dunk that pumped up the game's momentum.

Aaron Hall || Northside Christian || 6’8 PF || C/O 2023

Hall was very active around the rim- getting every rebound, looking for putbacks, going up strong, absorbing the contact, and getting the foul call. There was a series where he got the offensive rebound four times and went back up every time while trying to finish through heavy contact. He used a series of moves to get to the basket, including a pro-hop executed perfectly to make an open layup.

Brandon Gardner || Gray Academy || 6’7 SF/PF || C/O 2023

Gardner is an athletic, explosive forward who makes plays with and without the ball. He showed off his explosive abilities with numerous dunks, including a putback dunk to shorten the gap in the 4th quarter. Great energy on the court, and he shows up on both sides of the floor. He was getting every rebound and trying to send someone shot into the stands on the defensive end.

Jaylen Jones || East Nashville HS || 5’8 PG || C/O 2023

Amazing facilitator. The biggest thing that stood out was his ability to show such poise and patience in crunch time and late-game situations. In the game where they got the OT to win, almost everything he executed in the last few minutes was effective and successful. He goes up with confidence and has no problem going up and finishing with a bigger defender trying to cover him. He does a good job of mixing up, getting teammates the ball, and making plays for himself.

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Until next time...

Written by: Maquis Maffett & Shemyah Wilson

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