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Oct 4, 2004


Wheeler High (GA) / The Skill Factory (EYBL)









205 lbs.



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Scouting Report


Collier could be of the best passers, I have seen in high school basketball, his ability to find guys on the corner, whether cross court, or on the move is unreal, he has a great feel, he is so tough to stop going down hill, and excels off pick and roll plays with his ability to turn the corner. Great size for a pg.

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While Collier does have the ability to finish at the rim, he isn’t overally athletic, all on finishes, he will dunk the ball on a breakaway, but I don’t think he while go over the top of guys. He has really improved his ability to shoot the ball, but needs to continue to improve.

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Collier showed consistency throughout the season in big game, being named Gatorade player of the year, but Collier still has room to improve, his ability and vision at the point gives you Issiah Thomas, or Stockton vibes, and he is a winner, he could be the first guard taken in whatever draft he decides to come out in.

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UC All-American - Atlanta, GA - 3/31/2019 

Has a good vision to find teammates and a nice handle to create for himself and the team. Explosive off the bounce Georgia Elite 8 Tip-Off Classic - Powder Springs, Ga - 11/9/2019 Heady pg that can create for himself off the dribble and find open teammates. Has a decent stroke from the 3pt line.

OTR The Opening - Atlanta, GA - 6/27/2020

Makes up and under layup on the L side driving from the R wing. Digs down on post feed gets steal, pushes in transition makes layup off euro step. Kick ahead assist to streaking big down the middle of the court. Attacks the middle of the lane, finishes with floaters plus the contact, and 1. Quick in the open court, gets downhill in a hurry, and then he's at the rim. Rips ball-handler pushes in transition and finishes with a layup on L side. Rip's ball handler takes down and finishes with R hand.

GA Elite Fall League - Emerson, GA - 9/26/2020 

Attacks the basket on a straight line drive from the L wing, misses layup but gets own reb and putback. Makes pull up 3 from the L wing. Makes C&S 3 from the L wing. Ast in PnR action finds the rolling big for the easy dunk. Jumps passing lane in the backcourt for steal and layup. Makes off the dribble 3 from the L corner. 

GA Elite Fall League - Emerson, GA - 10/17/2020 

Creates for himself off the dribble, gets to the rim, and finishes with the R. Glides to the basket as he lifts the ball over the defender's hand as he finishes on the R side for a layup. Ast on PnR action hits the lifting shooter from the R corner. Ast 3/4 pass for an easy dunk on the other end. 

Lakepoint- Emerson, GA- 6/21/2021 

Skilled P&R handler, gets to the line, good strength for a guard, active hands defensively, downhill threat, did not have great body language (blamed plays on his teammates), finished well with both hands around the rim, can shoot off the dribble

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