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The Operation of Basketball Scouting
Webinar: March 13, 2024 at 7:30pm EST

  • 90 Minute Course    

  • Q&A Session           

  • Collaborative Event

An interactive experience showcasing how some the best organizations in the NBA evaluate talent.


Webinar Description

In this webinar, you will gain unparalleled insights, practical strategies and a deep understanding of the key principles that successful scouts utilize. 

Together, we will fill your toolbox with industry perspectives essential for you to make a lasting impact in the ever-evolving realm of talent identification.

Join us on this visionary journey towards scouting excellence, where passion meets precision and your path to success is paved with clarity. 

Curtis Crawford

Toronto Raptors

Director of Player Personnel

"James' dilligence to identifying basketball talent is unmatched, as evidenced by his constant presence at basketball events nationwide. Though accomplished, he retains a modest humility and desire to keep improving his craft."

Lamont Peterson

Golden State Warriors

College Scout

"James brings a tireless work ethic and wealth of experience. His professionalism and keen eye for talent are invaluable, which is why he is so well respected in NBA circles."

Tracey Webster

Dallas Mavericks

College Scout

"James has an uncanny ability to gather insightful intel and build meaningful relationships across all levels of basketball. His network of contacts give him an edge in talent evaluation."

Section Title

James "I.V." Williams, former Director of Player Personnel in the NBA G-League, brings over 15 years of extensive experience in basketball operations, scouting, coaching, and management. Join him for a comprehensive 90 minute webinar where he will generously share insights into critical aspects of the basketball industry.

In this exclusive session, participants will gain valuable knowledge on player evaluations, draft prep, video analysis, and effective intel gathering. James will also underscore the significance of cultivating organic relationships within the basketball community.

Key takeaways from the webinar include learning best practices for formatting comprehensive reports, understanding the importance of articulating insights and predictions, and mastering the subtle nuances of confidently presenting oneself to basketball decision-makers.

Secure your spot now for an engaging and insightful session for only $99.99!


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