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OSMAN BANGURA 240-398-4386 Dariq Whitehead 973-444-1700


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  • Elite athlete with a quick first step and explosive leap 

  • Great size and length/wingspan 

  • Unstoppable in transition 

  • Improved handle on the perimeter 

  • PnR vision is vastly improved 

  • Elite and confident shooter, can come off curls, pin downs, DHO’s and can create himself 

  • Great cutter/slasher and has shown ability to play well on and off the ball 

  • Versatile defender who can switch 1-4

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  • Can play out of control at times driving to the rim 

  • Has an improved handle but still needs tightening before next season 

  • Mechanical while finishing at the rim, needs to add a more creative package at the rim

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Dariq Whitehead is a 6’7 combo guard who is a freak athlete with a lightning quick first step and explosive leaping ability. Great size and length for his position, as well as a long wingspan. Whitehead is unstoppable in transition, using his elite speed and athleticism to finish off a play with a monster dunk. In the half court he has vastly improved his handle and PnR vision. Whitehead is a three-level scorer who is confident with his shot, being able to score in a multitude of ways with extended range. Off the ball, he is an elite cutter who reads the defense well and can finish tall and strong over the defense. On defense, he is versatile and can switch and guard 1-4 using his impressive lateral quickness, hands, and length. He doesn’t have too many holes in his game. He still needs to improve his handle more, as well as develop a more creative arsenal around the basket, floaters, runners, etc. He can also play out of control at times while driving to the basket. 

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USA Basketball - Colorado Springs, CO - 10/11-13/2019 

Wants to defend 94 feet, uses his size and strength well to disrupt the ball handler, does not lose sight cutters, and gets over or around screeners. Aggressive attacking the basket from the perimeter and can finish with contact.

Memphis Hoopfest - Memphis, TN - 1/3-4/2020 

Putting the ball on the floor creating for himself, getting into the lane finishing with contact. Has good frame. Gets into his stance on the defensive end.

Peach Jam - Augusta, GA - 7/19 - 7/25/2021

Offensively he played at his own pace, never allowing the defense to speed him up. He seemed very aware of his sweet spots on the court, primarily corner 3s, which he knocked down at a high clip. He was effective as well, getting his shot off from the wings and the top of the key off the catch and the dribble. He created for himself off the dribble, using his strong frame to shed defender on drives to the basket. Defensively he can move his feet well laterally, coupled with his physical strength, which allowed him to absorb contact and not allow the offensive player to create separation. He has good length and quick hands, which allowed him to play the passing lanes well and collect on-ball steals. Areas of improvement would be, improving his explosiveness along with his ballhandling.

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21-22 NIBC Season Stats

16.8 PTS || 4.3 REB || 2.8 AST || 41.0 FG%

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