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Adidas Next Generation Tournament - June 2021 Valencia, Spain

- Real Madrid:

John Eli Ndiaye: Height: 6’8, Position: Center, Nationality: Senegalese DOB: June 26, 2004 (16):

Eli displayed excellent defensive capabilities in the paint while also guarding smaller players on the perimeter. Other than that, he proved to be a very competent finisher at the rim while also showing flashes of his ballhandling ability and quick first step.

Konstantin Kostadinov: Height: 6’9, Position: Forward, Nationality: Bulgarian, DOB: May 23, 2003 (17):

Konstantin shot the ball well throughout the weekend and displayed his unselfishness several times by making an extra pass to create higher percentage shots. He also operates effectively off the ball as a cutter.

Juan Nunez: Height: 6’3, Position: Guard, Nationality: Spanish, DOB: June 4, 2004 (17):

Juan exhibited unique playmaking ability and vision with his passing in both high tempo Fastbreak situations and slower-paced half court sets, a pure floor general. He is also a competent finisher at the rim. His high IQ allows him to position himself effectively on defense.

- Zvezda Belgrade:

Nikola Saranovic: Height: 6’6, Position: Forward, Nationality: Serbian, DOB: August 20, 2003 (17):

Nikola shot the ball well and, on multiple occasions, used his quick first step to blow past defenders and get to the rim. However, what stood out about him is his effort on the defensive end of the floor, where he switches effectively.

- Villeurbanne:

Kenny Kasiama: Height: 6’7, Position: Forward, Nationality: French, DOB: March 5, 2003 (18):

Kenny showed great ability to finish at the rim by using his polished footwork, size, and strength to get the better of his defender. He is also excellent off-the-ball operating as a cutter working off screens. He also defends well in one-on-one situations by using his quick feet and

lateral quickness.

- Stellazzurra:

Kevin Ndzie: Height: 7’0, Position: Center, Nationality: Cameroonian, DOB: February 8, 2003 (18):

Kevin played excellent defense all weekend, acting as the anchor on the interior for his team. He also utilizes his high motor, positional awareness, and strength to box out and be effectively a relentless rebounder as well as an effective finisher in the paint.

- Soccerbet Belgrade:

Nikola Jovic: Height: 6’8, Position: Forward, Nationality: Serbian, DOB: June 9, 2003 (17):

Nikola is a very versatile offensive threat who plays with great aggression. He is an excellent finisher in the lane, which can also space the floor due to his shooting ability. However, his greatest weapon is his ability to facilitate for his teammates. He showed a lot of promise on the defensive end as well.

- Barcelona:

Michael Caicedo: Height: 6’6, Position: Forward, Nationality: Spanish, DOB: June 21, 2003 (17):

Michael was one of the standout performers this weekend, using his physicality and athleticism to contribute on both ends of the floor. He loves to play above the rim and is a very tenacious defender on the interior.

James Nnaji: Height: 6’8, Position: Center, Nationality: Nigerian, DOB: August 14, 2004 (16):

James is a very dominant center who creates many second-chance opportunities for his team with his offensive rebounding ability. He knows how to use and position his body to fend off defenders to receive the ball in the low post, where he can score with ease by using his nimble footwork and patience.

Gael Bonilla: Height: 6’6, Position: Guard, Nationality: Mexican, DOB: February 26, 2003 (18):

He is a very exciting pass-first guard who excels in pick-and-roll situations using his quick first step and high IQ. He plays with a lot of hustle and effort on the defensive end of the floor, especially as a help defender.

Until next time...

Written by: George Khnouf

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