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Basketball Without Borders Global Camp

Charlotte was the site for the 5th Annual 2019 Basketball Without Borders Global Camp. The Camp was held at Queens University of Charlotte from February 15-17 by the NBA and FIBA respectfully. With 63 of the top 2020 and 2021 boys on the international circuit. Highlighted by several players that have I can see getting drafted over the next few seasons.

Matthieu Gauzin | PG | France | 6'3 | 160 | Draft Eligible 2020

Matthieu is very quick and athletic, he likes to put constant pressure on the defense by attacking the paint at every opportunity. If the defense is late rotating he will make a poster out of big which he did several times during the weekend. He also likes to get after it on the defensive end as he pressured the ball 94 feet repeatedly.

Amar Sylla | PF | Senegal | 6’10 | 200 | Draft Eligible 2020

Amar is extremely fluid on the court, he runs the floor like a "Gazelle". He has the quickness and length to guard multiple positions. And I would like to call him a Vertical Floor Spacer, in Pick n Roll actions you can throw it up and he'll go get it on the defensive end he will challenge and alter shots at the rim.

Addison Patterson | SG | Canada | 6’7 | 200 | Draft Eligible 2021

Addison is a silky smooth Shooting Guard that plays with a level of maturity that you typically don't see in kids his age. He knows the spots on the floor where he is successful and he can get to those spots with ease. He is also a sneaky athlete that can and will finish over the top of a defender.

Killian Hayes | SG | France | 6’5 |190 | Draft Eligible 2020

Killian is dynamic in Pick n Roll situations. If the defender goes under he can shoot the 3, if the fight over he can attack the mismatch with the big to get in the lane and finish at the rim or find the roller or popper for an open shot. He has elite size and strength for his age and I see him as a 1st rounder whenever he decides to enter the draft.

Khalifa Diop | C | Senegal | 6’11 | 240 | Draft Eligible 2021

Khalifa is a monster on the offensive boards if he was near the ball as he came off the rim he was going to grab it and go back up for a putback dunk. He has great hands to catch whatever is thrown to him. On the defensive end he can guard multiple positions, he has the ability to cover a lot of ground with his long strides so even if he's beaten off the dribble he will recover and he's a great rim protector. I see him as an early 1st round/lottery pick whenever he decides to enter the draft.

Deni Avdija | PG | Israel | 6’8 | 210 | Draft Eligible 2020

Deni is a supremely skilled Big PG, that has an elite ability to facilitate the basketball with precision and accuracy. He has a good touch from the 3pt line and can finish in the lane with contact. He has some struggles with smaller guards pestering on bringing the ball up but I believe as he gets older and matures he will be able to adjust and become a lottery pick in the NBA.

Overall, my first Basketball Without Borders event was extremely gratifying as well as informative. I learned a lot about some of the up and coming talent on the international side which gives me the opportunity to track them moving forward. I plan to attend more Basketball Without Borders events in the future. Until next time.......

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