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Big Shots Carolina Live

Marcus Banks || Fork Union Military (VA) || 6’2 Combo || C/O 2021

Marcus Banks averaged 21 points per game this weekend. He is noticeably confident in his offensive ability and gets it done from all three levels. Marcus plays the game at a controlled pace offensively and is a solid on-ball defender.

MJ Collins || West Minister Catawba Christian || 6’4 SG || C/O 2022

MJ holds multiple Division I scholarship offers. He is a silky and smooth scorer. He uses long crossovers to create space to shoot it off the dribble or get to the basket and finish. His catch and shoot from three were also impressive.

Travis Roberts || Bishop Walsh || 6’6 Guard || C/O 2022

His pull-up game was very impressive and really complimented his ability to catch and shoot the three-ball. Travis gets it done from all over the court and will go down and bang in the post if that is what his team needs. His efforts on defense make him a complete player.

Pharaoh Lassiter || Spire Institute || 6’3 Guard || C/O 2022

Pharoah was a huge spark of energy for his team. Immediately upon his entry into the game things just began moving at a faster tempo. As they say, “speed kills” and Pharoah did just that. He gets his 3-point shot off quickly, he gets to the basket after one dribble quick, he turns defense into offense quick.

Omarion Bodrick|| Combine Academy || 6’7 Wing || C/O 2022

The sky is the limit, literally for this high-flying, shot-blocking, high energized young man. He plays the game with great passion and on a loaded team makes the most of every procession. You can see the fun he has getting stops on defense, and he can sit down and slide his puppies.

Written by: Cory Baker

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