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Day 7 NBA Summer League Standouts - 2023

Craig Porter Jr. (G/F - CLE)

Stats: 22 PTS (9-15 FG), 8 REB, 6 AST, 3 STL, 1 BLK

Craig Porter Jr., a two-way signee for the Cleveland Cavaliers has been a surprise prospect

doing an excellent job at Summer League. Against the Chicago Bulls, Porter Jr. had an

excellent showing where his slashing and off-the-dribble shot creation helped him take over thegame and lead the Cavs to victory. Porter’s size and creativity make him an intriguing prospect that will have a chance to shine with the Canton Charge.

Terquavion Smith (G - PHI)

Stats: 20 PTS (7-10 FG), 3 REB, 3 AST

Terquavion Smith, a two-way player for the Philadelphia 76ers had a breakout game against the Atlanta Hawks. Smith struggled earlier in Summer League but found his shooting touch, which opened up driving lanes for him to fly at the rim or pass to teammates. Smith was one of the most talented players in college basketball and will have a few years to gain strength to become more NBA-ready.

Kobe Bufkin (G- ATL)

Stats: 14 PTS (5-11 FG), 7 AST

The No. 15 overall pick in the draft, Kobe Bufkin, had an excellent showing and a game-winning shot against the Philadelphia 76ers. Bufkin’s pace and smooth ball handling will fit in very well in an Atlanta Hawks offensive scheme that is pick-and-roll heavy. Bufkin also showed excellent passing vision with 7 assists, which is a skill that is very valuable in the NBA.

Jalen Wilson (G/F- BKN)

Stats: 17 PTS (5-12 FG), 7 REB

Jalen Wilson continued his excellent Summer League showing with an excellent two-way

performance and a game-winning layup against the Raptors. Wilson’s combination of shooting

and off-ball physicality allowed him to dominate in the clutch, and he has shown an NBA-ready skillset during his Summer League minutes.

Cam Whitmore (G/F- HOU)

Stats: 26 PTS (11-21 FG), 5 REB, 8 STL

Cam Whitmore’s revenge tour continued against the Golden State Warriors. Whitmore’s elite-

level athleticism and scoring talent shined as he alternated between creative off-the-dribble

threes and aggressive drives to the basket. Whitmore also asserted his dominance defensively with 8 steals, and his Summer League has revealed him to be a steal for the Houston Rockets.

Kendric Davis (G- GSW)

Stats:18 PTS (7-11 FG), 2 REB, 5 AST

Kendric Davis, an undrafted guard from Memphis, had an excellent game against the Rockets.

Davis’ shooting and finishing touch was impressive given his small stature of 5’10. Davis also

showed excellent playmaking ability as a point guard. Davis will have to prove himself to earn

an NBA spot, but he has the talent to make the most of an opportunity

Contribution by: Caleb Smith

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