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GBCA Team Camp Session 2 - Review

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Jaylen Martin || FSU High || C/O 2022

An athletic guard that is at his best when playing in space whether it be in transition or from second chance opportunities.

TJ Baker || FSU High || C/O 2024

A strong guard that can hit outside shots efficiently and competes on the defensive side of the ball.

Tre Donaldson || FSU High || C/O 2022

A quick and explosive point guard that can finish inside and outside of the paint. Was also able to hit clutch down the stretch.

Anthony Robinson || FSU High || C/O 2023

A shifty guard with a fluid jump shot and is reliable from anywhere on the floor. He showed the ability to score at all three levels.

Seth Hubbard || St. Francis High School || C/O 2022

An explosive and long guard that uses his athleticism to his advantage. He was all over the floor hitting shots, rebounding and jumping passing lanes for steals.

Trentyn Flowers || St. Francis High School || C/O 2024

A long and slight forward with quick feet off the ground and knack for finishing around the rim that translated to points in the paint.

Major Freeman || Archer High School || C/O 2022

A smooth guard that likes to get to his spots where he can produce points for himself and his teammates.

Devin Long || Providence Christian || C/O 2023

A long wing that can shoot from the outside with consistency and uses his energy to run the floor and create stress on defense.

Tony Carpio || Providence Christian || C/O 2022

A big forward with good hands and quick feet. He was able to finish inside multiple times through traffic and rotated well on defense.

Chance Thacker || Providence Christian || C/O 2022

A tough and energetic guard that ran up and down the floor for transition points and was able to hit outside shots.

Nick Dorn || Chambers/Vance High School || C/O 2023

A long guard that can shoot comfortably from the corner and uses his size to body up smaller players when playing defense

Jaylen Curry || Chambers/Vance High School || C/O 2023

A shifty guard with a quick first step and quick pullup jump shot. He was able to finish in the paint as well as hit tough outside shots.

Gaddis Heath || Westlake || C/O 2022

Gaddis Heath was very impressive at both ends in his outing against Westminster (FL). He’s a polished scorer and a high energy defender. Heath brought his team back against Westminster (FL) with clutch 3's, a layup through contact, FT's and an assist late in the game.

Brice Sensabaugh || Lake Highland Prep || C/O 2022

Brice has elite positional size/strength combined with guard skillset. He started off the game against Sandy Creek with a coast to coast finger roll layup at the rim. He scored at all three levels (shot from deep, made an elbow jumper off the dribble, crossed a defender and got to the rim). He absorbs contact well when driving downhill and converted multiple and one opportunities.

Richard Rolf || Centerville || C/O 2022

Rolf is a willing shooter off the dribble/catch with a quick release & good form. He was able to guard 1-5 in Centerville’s switching defense because of his positional size and activity. He had nice cuts to the rim, got on the floor for loose balls and made timely shots late in a close game.

James Morrow || Andrew Jackson || C/O 2022

James Morrow is a versatile player with size/length and a high motor (guards 2-4). He played with intensity from the tip, snatched the ball out of the air, had multiple second effort blocks, and talked to his team consistently on defense. He showed off his shooting touch from mid-range, made his FT's and had timely blocks to seal the win against Pebblebrook.

London Johnson || Norcross || C/O 2023

London Johnson is an extremely skilled/crafty scorer. He plays at his own pace and does not get sped up by defenders. He uses long strides to get to the rim and likes to euro past defenders. He's got an effortless shot from range and a good second jump on the glass. I was impressed by his intensity as an on-ball defender and his ability to control the game on the offensive end.

Jaiun Simon || Pebblebrook || C/O 2023

Jaiun is a versatile player who can guard multiple positions. He has good length, runs the floor well, and is active on the glass. He showed flashes offensively with his face-up game and seals in the post. Simon got hot late vs Centerville with a help side block, cut for a layup, and clutch FT's to hold on to the lead.

Chase Lowe || Weddington || C/O 2022

Chase is a versatile player with the ability to push in transition and guard multiple positions. He has size/length, a high release on his lefty jumper, and a good frame. I liked his instincts defensively in the zone (jumping passing lanes, winning 50/50 balls on the glass, and showing off his high motor).

Trentyn Flowers || St. Francis || C/O 2024

Trentyn is a raw prospect who can score on both the wing and in the post. He transferred in to St. Francis this year and has been very coachable and receptive. He’s an athletic player with great length who plays hard on both ends. He finished through contact, had a put back layup, a dunk in transition and converted a lob to end the win against Statesboro.

Malique Ewin || Berkmar || C/O 2022

Malique is a skilled offensive threat off the dribble and in the post. He uses his size/strength to finish through contact. I was impressed by his vision as a passer, his footwork in the post and his second jump. He's also an active rebounder and rim protector.

Tom House || Centerville || C/O 2022

Tom is a deep range shooter who moves well without the ball to find open looks. I was impressed by his leadership on the court (talking up his teammates and being positive). Centerville relied on him to score in key moments and come up with loose balls.

Written by: Marquis Maffett & Max Goldstein