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Georgia Elite Fall League - C/O 2021

This week's recap of the Georgia Elite Fall League will highlight some of the uncommitted Seniors from the Class of 2021. Check back next week for more updates.

Jaden Harris || Norcross || 6'3 PG || C/O 2021

Jaden has a strong frame, which allows him to absorb contact when attacking the rim off the dribble. Couple that with his much-improved shooting stroke off the dribble and the catch. He is primed for a breakout season in a leadership role at Norcross.

Aaron Reddish || Pebblebrook || 6’7 Wing || C/O 2021

Aaron's versatility on the defensive end is what jumps out at you initially, with his ability to defend anywhere on the perimeter. But what may surprise you when you give him a more in-depth look is his ability to shoot it off the catch from 3, his ability to create for himself off the dribble, and his willingness to be an unselfish passer.

Jabre Mills || Collins Hill || 6'3 SG || C/O 2021

Mills did a great job of locking his defender down and playing the passing lane, turning defense to offense and converting several steals for layups.

Max Harris || Wheeler || 6'4 SF || C/O 2021

Harris was very efficient shooting the basketball on Saturday; he does an excellent job finding a spot to spot up and make shots, whether it's mid-range or the 3 ball. He did an outstanding job getting to the basket and finishing.

Jaheim Hudson || Wheeler || 6'7 PF || C/O 2021

Jaheim continues to show his versatility in shooting the 3 Ball or score in the low post with good footwork and his ability to extend plays with his rebounding ability on both ends of the floor.

Jabari Smith || Sandy Creek || 6'10 PF || C/O 2021

Jabari's ability to affect the game on both ends of the floor continues to show; on the defensive end, he can rebound the basketball and make guys change their shot because of his length. He makes 3's turnaround short jumpers, one-dribble pull-ups, and catch and shoots on the offensive end.

Deshon Proctor || Sandy Creek || 6'5 SF || C/O 2021

Proctor has the ability to score in the transition, running the floor and finishing on drives and dunks; he also should he can shoot the corner 3 ball with high efficiency.

Myles Rice || Sandy Creek || 6'3 PG || C/O 2021

Rice did an excellent job, getting into the right spots and scoring the basketball on drives, his ability to make jumpers from the mid-range and behind the 3pt line.

Madison Durr || Pace Academy || 6'5 PG || C/O 2021

Madison makes the right plays, the perfect glue guy to win, and shows outstanding leadership; he can score when needed and does a good job of guarding the ball.

Bobby Moore || McEachern || 6'5 SF || C/O 2021

Moore does everything on both ends of the floor; on offense, he can score in transition, can shoot the 3 ball and spot; on defense, he plays tough defense with the ability to lock in on guys and rebounds well to start the break.

Jens Rueckert || South Cobb || 6'4 SG || C/O 2021

A good playmaker attacking the lane, with some nice finishes at the rim, on dunks and layups, uses his athletic ability to rebound and score.

Until next time…

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