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NYC Invitational - Session 1

Roddy Gayle || 6'5 SG || Wasatch Academy || C/O 2022

Roddy is an athletic guard who can fit a guard’s role on almost any team. He is pretty quick with good agility. He moves well off the ball and knows how to create advantages for himself through his off-ball movement. He has decent physical attributes and a good vertical leap with the ability to block shots as a guard. He runs the court well in transition and is a pretty crafty finisher.

Zaire Wells || 6'6 SG || St Benedicts Prep || C/O 2022

Wells was another player that played good minutes. Slimmer build but is definitely capable of creating off the dribble and creating advantages and opportunities for himself as well as his teammates. He also has an above-average vertical with a decent finishing package that has promise for the future. He has the foundations for what can turn into a really strong player in the future.

Kyle Filipowski || 6'10 PF || Wilbraham and Monson || C/O 2022

Kyle is a stretch four who was one of the most impressive big men of the tournament. He plays a huge role on both ends of the floor. His size and wingspan make him a great defensive anchor who can disrupt any shot around the rim. He has above-average lateral quickness and agility for a big man who can run the floor well in transition. Zaire Williams || 6'3 PG || Eagle Academy || C/O 2022

Zaire was one of the Gauchos’ guards that impressed this past weekend mostly due to his great shooting ability. He has good dribbling ability and utilizes it quite effectively especially when it comes to him finding his spots on the floor. It does not take him excessive dribbles to get to his spots and he is definitely not afraid to let it go. Jayden Reid|| 5'11 PG || Long Island Lutheran || C/O 2023 Jayden was one of the most impressive players of the entire weekend. He has an extremely high basketball IQ and is capable of successfully running any offense he is a part of. He knows how to effectively direct traffic and is able to create opportunities for his teammates in a variety of ways. He is an extremely effective ball-handler in pick and roll scenarios and is especially impactful because of his strong floater game.

Jayden Lemond || 6'1 PG || Blair Academy || C/O 2023

Jayden was another very impressive player in this tournament. His superb athletic ability makes him a true threat defensively with the ability to deflect passes, get into passing lanes, and strip the ball from guards.

Preston Edmead || 5'10 PG || Deer Park || C/O 2024

Preston was an impressive younger guard in this tournament who showed great potential with an extremely high basketball IQ. He is the definition of a floor general who is always looking to create opportunities for his teammates. He has an impressively quick release for a small guard so is able to get good shots off without always being blocked by bigger players.

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Written by: Jordan Freeman

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