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OTE City Reaper vs Cold Hearts Recap Jan 6, 2023

On Jan. 6th, the City Reapers faced the Cold Hearts and overcame them 101-90. The star player of the game Ausar Thompson finished with 25 points and seven rebounds.

During the first quarter, former Cold Hearts player Bryson Tiller showed how versatile he is from the inside of the paint to the outside leading his team 25-18.

With 6:35 remaining in the second quarter Rob Dillingham launches an alley hoop to Matt Bewley and finishes with a slam dunk drawing the crowd to their feet and tying the score 32-32. As he comes down the court, Rob directs traffic to create just enough space between him and his opponent to fire up a three-point dagger at the top of the key as his first points of the game.

While the Cold Hearts fought to take the lead, they struggled to keep their hands off their opponent, acquiring multiple team fouls.

The Cold Hearts gain possession of the ball with 0.4 remaining in the Big Bonus. Johned Walker dishes the ball to Naasir Cunningham as he attempts a three-pointer, and Matt snatches the rebound and fires back up a putback, closing out the second quarter 56-44.

The City Reapers take the 12-point lead.

At the start of the second half, Bryson recovers the turnover as Amen Thompson breaks down the court looking for a pass into the lane to finish with a layup.

As the Cold Hearts buckle down on defense with 55.3 left in the third, Johned jets to the other end of the court and finishes with a hanging layup. The Cold Hearts now trail by 3.

With just a few seconds remaining, the dynamic point guard Amen snatches the rebound, sprints down the court on a fast break, and makes a miraculous pass to Trey Parker in the paint for a layup ending the third 75-72.

Just under seven minutes into the fourth quarter, Trey flashes down the lane off a fast break and soars through the air with a powerful dunk.

Amen was the second-leading scorer for the Reapers. He shot the last free throw of the game with 21.1 left of the quarter ending the night with 22 points, ten rebounds, and seven assists. The Reapers remain undefeated!

OTE Squads are back in action on Jan 13 & 14

Written by: Kayla Rodgers

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