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OTE Opening Night 2022 - Atlanta, Georgia -10/20/2022

Jazian Gortman || OTE YNG Dreamerz (GA) || G 6’2 || C/O 2022

Offensively, it wasn’t the best night for him. He has a tremendous ability at creating space on his shots however, they just weren’t falling tonight. He also moves great without the ball which opened up opportunities for his teammates. Although he had two turnovers, he does handle defensive pressure well. Defensively, he moves well and for his size at 6’2, he has really long arms that helped him play passing lanes and provide great on-ball pressure as he finished with three steals. He also is a great talker on the court. Overall, it was the first game of the new season, and I think he lacked a certain aggressiveness to kind of set a tone for the season, but he showed flashes a being a great vocal leader who can create his own shot and defend on the other end.

Kanaan Carlyle|| OTE YNG Dreamerz (GA) || G 6’2 || C/O 2023

Offensively and defensively, he has all the makings of a great floor leader. His ability to finish around the rim with a variation of floaters and layups opened up opportunities for corner kick-outs and shovel passes to the big in the dunker’s spot. His three-pointer wasn’t falling but being that it was the first game of the year, it will be interesting to see if that is a trend or more of an outlier. His tenacity defensively could be felt from the stands as he fought over screens, pushed offensive players off the line, and flew around for steals and rebounds. His aggressiveness matched with his vison, make him an amazing playmaker yet I want kind of a role his shooting takes on but defensively, he can find his way onto any team.

Nassir Cunningham|| OTE YNG Dreamerz (GA) || F 6’7 || C/O 2024

It was a rough night for the #1 recruit in the C/O 2024, as he only connected on one three pointers, while shooting 1-7 on total field goal attempts. He seemed like he was trying to look “cool” rather than be aggressive or it could’ve been some jitters. Defensively, he constantly found himself in scramble mode as he would tend to lose sight of his man. I think the potential is there for this kid as you could see flashes of his quick burst and shot-creation abilities, so it will be interesting to see how he bounces back and moves forward with his season.

Ryan Bewley || OTE City Reapers (GA) || F 6’9 || C/O 2023

One thing that stood out to me was that he runs the floor pretty well on both ends. Although he didn’t finish with a block in the box score, his length allowed him to contest so many inside shots that were attempted. He’s a really good talker on the floor as well. I think my biggest thing with him was that he appeared to play “safe”. Not many mistakes or miscues, but also not enough aggressiveness to leave you with an impact. I know it was the first game and the biggest game of the night being that his team was playing Bronny, but I think he left a lot to be desired with just being a tone-setter and an aggressor.

Amen Thompson || OTE City Reapers (GA) || Wing 6’7 || Draft Class 2023

Super quick and very strong for his size. He has a tremendous ability to get to his spots with ease and finish with a variety of moves. The attraction he brings from the defense, opens up opportunities for teammates which he quickly identifies with his great vision and feel for seeing the next play. Extremely athletic and use that athleticism supremely well on the defensive end to defend 1-4 with ease. Only thing that I would want to see more of his confidence in taking and making the three ball as he only attempted one this game.

Somoto Cyril || OTE City Reapers (GA) || C 6’10 || C/O 2023

You could feel how just physically imposing he was over the other team. His strength along with his wingspan allowed him to block and deter so many shots under and around the basket. He has a great feel and awareness on the court and is a good talker on defense as he anchors the paint. His finishing ability was excellent as he finished everything that came his way. I definitely would like to see if he has the ability to stretch the floor whether it be more in the mid-range area or even the three ball.

Bryson Warren || OTE YNG Dreamers (GA) || PG 6'3 || C/O 2023

Showed a great job running the guard for his team by facilitating and scoring. He had 14 pts and 6 ast with 31 min. He scored off the pick and rolls from the mid-range and the 3pt line. He also shows he can catch and shoot. Led his team in ast but also led his team in turnovers with 6. On defense, showed impact by getting 6 stl. Play the lanes when players drive by him and were able to catch bad passes from other teams.

Bryce Griggs || OTE Cold Hearts (GA) || PG 6'2 || Draft Class 2023

Was the best player on his team in this game. Led his team with 19 pts. Also shot 47% from the field going 8-17. The other guards on his team struggled to get points up and get their team involved so he did pick up where they lacked by having the best plus and minus even though they lost. He created a shot for himself well by using his hop-step ability and by using his picks well to create space. He only had 3 assists but did a good job putting his teammates in a position to score or to create for others.

Bryson Tiller || OTE Cold Hearts (GA) || PF 6'9 || C/O 2025

On offense, he showed that he is a good shooter for his size. Made a transition stop and pop mid-range jumper in transition. Also, hit a catch and shoot three as well. Went three for three from the free throw as well. Also scored in transition driving to the paint with contact. Also showed good footwork hitting a post hook spinning right. Showed a versatile performance as a big. Came up with 3 stl and 2 blk on the defensive end. Being a sophomore, he played well against the bigs who seniors are.

Ausar Thompson || OTE City Reapers (GA) || SF 6'7 || Draft Class 2023

On offense, he was able to make 3 of his 7 shots on the court. All his field goals came from inside the arc. Banked a post-fade to start the second half. 0-2 from the three. Didn’t show a good jump shot this game. Were stills able to penetrate the paint and get 5 assists for the game? Got most of his points at the free throw line by going 8-12 Most importantly he had 0 turnovers in the game. Kept moving around and quick handoffs so his teammates can keep moving and getting touches. On defense, he was able to come up with 5 steals by playing the lanes and keeping pressure on the main ball handler the whole game. Had two blocks in the game. Showed a well-diverse game beside his shooting performance.

Written By: Alex Walker & Jamil Mendoza

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