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Pangos All-American Festival 4 - 2020

The Pangos All American Festival was an invite-only event that featured 40 of the countries top 2021 players. The tournament was split into four regions: West, East, Midwest, and South. The competition was stout and the players were ready to play after the long-awaited break from basketball due to Covid-19.

Now to highlight some of the standout players from the event.

Chet Holmgren || 7’0 C || C/O 2021 || Minnehaha Academy || Gonzaga

Chet showed why he is arguable the 2021 number one recruit and the best player in the tournament. He was dominant on both ends of the floor. He got his teammates involved often and they found him moving without the ball too. He was, even more, dominant on defense than I imagined controlling the paint area with ease. It will be interesting to see where he plays next year, regardless of where he will garner attention like none other.

Kobe Bufkin || 6’4 G || C/O 2021 || Grand Rapids Christian || Michigan

Kobe showed his ability to handle the ball and run an offense well. He has great size and showed some nice prospect of becoming a top guard at the next level with his driving skills and finishing ability around the hoop. With some more muscle this kid could be scary. He recently signed with Michigan Juan Howard.

Glenn Taylor Jr. || 6’6 SF || C/O 2021 || Compass Prep || Unsigned

Glen, is now playing small forward but grew up playing guard and has the size to make him dangerous to opposing teams. He was one of the few hometown prospects in attendance and represented Arizona well. He was super effective on the floor and his athleticism stuck out the most. He is bouncy and finished well around the rim with multiple put-back dunks and rebounds. He has great hands and can finish with both. I see him as an underrated prospect who will surprise scouts at the next level.

Jabari Smith Jr. || 6’9 PF || C/O 2021 || Sandy Creek || Auburn

Jabari showed out at the Pangos tournament. He led his team to the championship game and won the MVP of the tournament. His initial impression of being a smaller power forward was disproved by his strong play and nature to get physical with bigger guys. He was dominant on both ends of the floor and was a pest on defense disrupting Banchero and Perry. He is super athletic and has great footwork. He has great range for his size and showed moves beyond his age. Auburn is lucky to snag a player of his caliber who to me could be a lottery pick in the coming years.

TyTy Washington || 6’4 PG || C/O 2021 || Compass Prep || Unsigned

Tyty was impressive with his game acumen. He showed his ability to create shots for himself and his teammates. His competitiveness was the thing that stuck out the most to me. He was quick and pushed the ball often, leading his team to win the championship. His hustle will be appreciated at Creighton, so will his size, being a nice sized guard for the Blue jays. Look out for him!

Dallan Coleman || 6’6 SG || C/O 2021 || West Nassau County || Georgia Tech

Dallan had a great tournament and played really well in the final game showcasing his skills. He is a skilled passer and has great size. He is physical on defense and offense, not shying away from contact. He drives strong, finishes well, and has deep three-point range. He played well and gave GT a reason to be excited next year.

Shane Nowell || 6’5 SG || C/O 2021 || Eastside Catholic || Arizona

Shane played well in this Pangos Tournament located just a short drive to the University of Arizona where he will be playing next year. He showed his deep range and ability to stay composed in pressure situations. He pushed the ball well and finished strong in transition. The things that stuck out the most to me was his tenacious defense and high basketball IQ.

Kaden Perry || 6’8 PF || C/O 2021 || Battle Ground / Gonzaga

Kaden had a nice tournament overall. His size and strength were apparent but his high athleticism was on display at Pangos. He defended well and has a quick second jump that helped him secure many rebounds. He will be a nice prospect for the Zags.

Paolo Banchero || 6’10 PF || C/O 2021 || O'Dea || Duke

Palolo showed why he is one of the country’s best players at Pangos. He was extremely dominant in the Saturday games yet was mostly shut down in the championship game. He was still effective and persistent to get in scoring positions. For his size, he has great hands and can finish around the rim with ease. He is a hustler and will be effective at the next level for the Blue Devils.

Ahamad Bynum || 6’3 PG || C/O 2021 || Simeon || DePaul

Ahamad played at a high level and showed some high upside to his game. He pushed the ball heavily yet always seemed to be in control. He drew a lot of attention from the defense and showed high-level passing skills, finding his teammates open often, finishing with some nice assists. His pesky defense was felt by opposing guards with active hands. For his size, he finished well around the rim and in traffic impressing me and the crowd thoroughly. He played strong in this tournament and will be a solid guard at DePaul.

Trey Alexander || 6’3 CG || C/O 2021 || Heritage Hall || Auburn

Trey's game was the most well-rounded of any of the guards at Pangos. He handled the ball well, ran the team with great communication and presence, has a smooth shot, and showed terrific dribbling skills. His defense was aggressive and showed he could guard bigger guys. He was a team player and really stepped up big in the championship game by scoring a few big buckets with the game being close. He is a player that can be relied on when it counts and that was shown at this tournament.

Daimion Collins || 6’9 PF || C/O 2021 || Atlanta || Kentucky

Daimion impressed me with his quickness and athletic ability which he used to outpace the bigger competition. He was constantly getting high up for rebounds, dunks, and blocks. He can do it all on both ends of the floor with defending multiple positions and showing a nice three-point shot and post moves. He had a put-back dunk where his head was above the rim which garnered some loud praise from fellow players and people in attendance. His ability to play and guard multiple positions will be valued at the next level. He will do well at Kentucky for Calipari.

Coaches if you are interested in more notes like this please click the below:

Until next time...

Written by: Kenneth Cutler

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