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The Tip-Off Classic - 2024

The Tip-Off Classic presented by HoopHustlers is one of the best independent events of the year here are some of the best 2024 prospects from the event.

Jordyn Kee || Westlake Prep || 6’3 CG || C/O 2024

Jordyn really showcased his ability to handle the ball well, absorb contact, and get to the free-throw line. The point guard position comes to him naturally. He knows how to find his teammates in almost any given situation. He has a smooth stroke when shooting and can hit those floaters and mid-range jumpers. He is pretty bouncy and will not hesitate to try to slam it down when given the opportunity.

Jahki Howard || Norcross HS || 6’6 SF || C/O 2024

The thing that stood out to me the most was his pressured defense. He does a great job of using those long arms as a solid defensive presence, especially when trapping. He is an explosive forward that will throw it down. He can shoot the ball, contested or not, and has a nice mid-range game. He is a solid passer; he had a one-hand no-look bullet pass into the paint for a layup. He is such an athletic, lengthy forward who can shoot the ball well and fill in lanes and make easy transition shots.

Carter McDole || Montverde Academy || 6’5 SF || C/O 2024

McDole was looking to swat everything out of the gym. He has great perimeter defense, had one powerful block on a 3pt attempt, and he altered a lot more attempts from the 3pt line. He has good hands-on defense and is good at picking stuff off in the passing lane. He is an athletic wing who can make some pretty acrobatic finishes. He hit an up and under through 2 defenders. He also has a soft touch on those left-handed floaters. He did a good job of grabbing the rebound and throwing it up the floor for easy baskets.

Izeir Mayben || Elevation Prep || 5’10 PG || C/O 2024

Lefty guard who has a good mid-range pull-up package. He was one of the quickest guards on the court. His ability to handle the ball and use a quick low crossover to get to the basket was impressive. He has great court vision, and he sets his teammates up for quick opportunities to score in the paint. He was super attentive on defense, and his arms remained wide every time. As he shut down drives into the color, you can hear him saying “nope” to his opponent.

Gicarri Harris || AOT || Grayson High School || class of 2024

Physical 3 & D guard that showed the ability to create for others. Very opportunistic with his shot selection. He let the game come to him and did not unnecessarily force the issue.

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Until next time...

Written by: Maquis Maffett & Shemyah Wilson

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