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Sep 15, 2002









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200 lbs.


Ralph Cleveland 404-392-4720 Matthew Cleveland 404-538-4009 Hulio Smith 404-975-8782


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BTLS Report™
Notes / Reports

Scouting Report


  • Elite Athlete

  • Explosive in the open court

  • Finishes well in the lane

  • Can defend multiple positions

  • Has great positional size and length

  • Above average rebounder for his positions - good on the off. boards

  • Shoots it well from 3 at 42%

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  • Lacks consistent effort on the defensive end

  • Takes bad/wild shots

  • Not very vocal 

  • Shakey handle 

  • Settles for long 3's

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Matthew has the positional size and length to be a really good wing at the next level and he plays with great confidence. He is really dangerous in the open court where he likes to get out to fill the lanes and will finish above the rim. He has a quick first step slashing from the wing and has a soft touch in the lane. He needs to improve his handle and lock-in more on the defensive end. What I like most about him is that he has continued to get better every year so his trajectory is definitely on an upswing.

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Intel Report 4


Adidas MDC - Emerson, GA - 5/27/2019

Challenges jump shots, plays the passing lanes well. He is a willing passer when he draws attention. The form on his jump shot is solid. Pulls down rebounds, pushes in transition, glides down the court, and gets to the basket at ease. Moves well without the ball makes great backdoor and weak-side cuts for easy layups. A sneaky athlete that can finish over the top of the defender. Second game this weekend where he has gotten into foul trouble.

NBPA Top 100 - Charlottesville, VA - 6/11-14/2019

Playing with great contentment. Making smart decisive moves. Running the floor well, finishing around the rim, making the smart play finding teammates for open shots, and knocking down open looks.

Georgia Top 100 - Powder Springs, GA - 6/21/2019

Seems disinterested this weekend. Kind of floating, just going through the motions. 

USA Basketball - Colorado Springs, CO - 10/11-13/2019

Struggling with ball pressure, rushing shots off the dribble. Gained his composer towards the end of camp and let it be known that he was among the countries elite wing players. He created off the dribble, finished at the rim, defended the perimeter, and knocked down a couple of 3's.

OTR The Opening - Atlanta, GA - 6/27/2020

Make transition layup on R side, block on perimeter jumper starts break gets out and fills lane fouled on shot attempt 2-2. Attacking the lane off 1 dribble attack from the L corner finishes with 2 hand dunk. Gets to the rim off a TO pump-fake layup. Makes a nice turnaround jumper in the lane. Gets out on the break finishes above the rim with a nifty L layup. Makes pull-up jumper in the lane in transition. Draws foul on two hand dunk attempt in transition. Leak out dunk off tip out. Finishes high above the rim with contact on the R side. Two hand dunk off lob on the left side. Two hand dunk under the rim. Makes C&S 3 from the R corner. Catches lop in transition over the top of the defender.

Tip-Off Classic - Atlanta - GA - 7/3-5/2020 

Fouled on Stepback 3 attempt 3-3. Steal in the backcourt, misses layup teammate follows for a layup. Bodies smaller defender in the lane for a made layup. Reb push in transition finishes with R layup. Block jump-shot attempt. L dunk in transition. Makes a reverse dunk in transition. Fills the lanes on the break explodes off the ground for easy dunks. Block on jump-shot, retrieves rebound for a backward dunk. Makes a turnaround jumper in the lane. Makes a pull-up jumper at the FT line. 2 hand dunk in transition. Finishes game with Back to Back dunks 2 hands and a windmill.

GA Elite Fall League - Emerson, GA - 9/26/2020 

Drives hard R from the L wing, elevates in the paint off one leg for a soft runner. Off rebound makes fall away jumper in the lane. Elevates high with the R hand for the dunk in transition. Fouled on a mid-range jump shot attempt coming off DHO L2R. Makes fall away jumper in the lane coming off pin-down L2R. Backcourt steal for an easy two-hand dunk. Blocks shot off the backboard. Makes C&S 3 from the R wing. 

GA Elite Fall League - Emerson, GA - 10/3/2020 

Makes R elbow jumper off DHO at the top of the key L2R. Fouled on R hand drive 1-2 FTs. Makes 1 dribble pull up 3 on the R wing. Makes transition L layup as he eludes defender on behind the back move. Off reb make putback on R side And 1. Makes a pull-up mid-range jumper from the top of the key. Back to back off reb, fouled on 2nd attempt 1-2. Makes R layup in transition on a kick ahead. Makes R hand layup off a straight line drive from the top of the key. Off reb makes fadeaway in the lane to cut the lead to 2 with 6.1 sec left. 

GA Elite Fall League - Emerson, GA - 10/17/2020 

Def reb push in transition, straight-line drive finishes with contact on the R side and1. Blocks shot in the lane of a turn-around jump shot. Blocks shot at the rim. Settling for long jumpers. Makes an elbow jumper on the R side. Ast to cutter from the high post. Def reb push in transition, make pull up paint jumper. Makes contested pull-up 3 from the R wing. Makes pull-up 3 from the R wing. Makes pull up 3 from the R wing.

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19-20 GHSA Stats:

22.3 PTS || 8.1 REB || 2.9 AST || 2.9 STL || 48.4 FG% || 42.6 3PT% || 68.2 FT%

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