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2023 Elite 8 Tip-Off Classic

McEachern High School was the epicenter of Atlanta basketball, on Saturday, November 11th, with an amazing showcase of the city's best high school talent.

Highlighted below are the standouts that took court, and put on for the Big Peach, coming to you straight from the evaluation of our regional analysts, based in the ATL.

Elijah Lewis || 2024 || 6’0 G || Greenforest HS: Lewis is a crafty guard looking to score by any means. He showcased his scoring ability in many ways against Kell whether it was floaters, catch-and-shoot threes, pull-up jumpers, or difficult finishes through traffic. In transition, he did a good job of not just settling for jumpers but also getting to the rim and drawing fouls.

CJ Brown || 2024 || 6’2 PG || Kell HS: Brown was the most explosive player in the match against Greenforest displaying freak-like athleticism. His first step got him past any defender in front of him and his above-the-rim finishes made it impossible to even contest his attempts at the rim. Not only did he use his jumping ability to finish above the rim and get where he wanted, but he also created opportunities for himself and Kell on the glass by grabbing down 11 boards.

Connor Staphylaris || 2025 || 6’0 G || Kell HS: Against Greenforest, Staphylaris showed that he is a sharpshooter with an endless motor that plays past the whistle. He connected on 4 three-pointers going 50% from beyond the arc for the game. As an undersized shooting guard, he found ways to make an impact on the game outside of his shotmaking. He did a good job pursuing the ball and played great team defense for Kell.

Jordan Green || 2026 || 6’7 SF || Newton HS: The 6’7 underclassman did a solid job of shotmaking in a very physical, defensive game where both teams struggled to put points on the board. He can stretch the floor and knocked down several jumpers off the catch from all areas on the floor from Newton’s slashing guards. He has good hands and did a good job finishing plays in traffic from drop-offs. Green also dominated the glass pulling down 12 boards.

Joah Chappelle || 2024 || 6’4 F || Dutchtown HS: Chappelle is a lanky forward who is very active on both sides of the ball and looks to operate around the pinch post and low post. He really likes to get downhill going left and finishing with his left as well. He looked good in transition running the floor and being able to handle the ball and navigate through traffic. In PnR actions he made good reads as the screener slipping screens leading to good looks at the rim and in the short roll.

Josh Hill || 2024 || 6’11 PF || Wheeler HS: Hill is a wiry forward who can stretch the floor and show different coverages defensively against opposing teams showing off his versatility. He can play in drop, hedge hard, and show quick and get back to his assignment. He is very active and moves well for his size. In transition, he runs the lanes well and can get to the line.

Airious 'Ace' Bailey || 2024 || 6’8 SF || McEachern HS: Bailey did it all on both sides of the floor finishing the game with 29 points. In the halfcourt, he mainly operated on the right side of the floor getting to his spots against Grayson’s zone and man coverage. He shot various mid-range pull-ups off the dribble and off face-ups. In transition, he likes to set himself up with an in-and-out crossover going left into a pull-up going left. Bailey also showcased his athleticism and footwork in transition catching lobs and finishing through and around contact for and ones.

Amir Taylor || 2025 || 6’8 C || Grayson HS: Taylor was a dominant presence for Grayson the entire night. The 6’8 bruiser dismantled his matchup and was a force inside the paint getting anything he wanted on the low post. Taylor gets good post position and does well not wasting any dribbles or extra movement down low. He did a good job of finishing through contact and forcing the officials to make a call. He has a sneaky second jump after misses. He displayed some versatility in his offensive game as well, showcasing crafty dribbling in traffic downhill and knocking down a jumper from outside the paint.

Gicarri Harris || 2024 || 6’3 SG || Grayson HS: The Grayson combo guard connected on numerous contested three-pointers off of different actions such as DHOs, catch and shoot, and off the dribble creating for himself. Harris did a good job finishing through traffic, penetrating the defense, and making good decisions not only for himself but for his teammates as well. He makes simple, yet effective reads and he played great team basketball for the Rams.

Contributor : Yusef Washington


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