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The Holy Innocents Episcopal School, was the stage for Georgia High School Basketball, on Saturday November 18th. Featuring some of the most notable, and even nationally recognizeable, names that are keeping the Peach State proud. We are pleased to present our findings of the standout athletes that partook in the event, straight from the perspective of our contributors here in the ATL.

Caleb Wilson || 2025 || 6’10 PF || Holy Innocents: Wilson displayed versatility on both sides of the ball andabove the rim athleticism. He showed solid playmaking and ball handling initiating the offense and distributing well and also pushing the ball up the floor in transition. Wilson did well protecting the rim finishing the game with 3 blocks. He also dominated the glass closing out possessions defensively as he ended with 20 rebounds.

Devin Hutcherso || 2026 || 6’4 SG || Holy Innocents: Hutcherson showed strong finishing around the rim through contact and rebounded at a high level as well. He ran the floor effectively and attacked the rim off the dribble creating shot opportunities for himself. Hutcherson played well in the gaps and used his size preventing smaller guards from getting past him.

Airious 'Ace' Bailey || 2024 || 6’8 SF || McEachern HS: Bailey did not allow Kell’s undersized frontcourt to allow him to settle for primarily jumpers, but instead did a solid job of cleaning up missed baskets on the glass offensively and showing the ability to get downhill in half court offense and transition. He mainly feasted on putbacks, cuts, and creating for himself off the dribble into pull up jumpers in the mid range and beyond the arc. On both blocks he is looking to turn baseline for a fadeaway jumper which he can connect on occasionally.

Jaye Nash || 2024 || 6’2 PG || McEachern HS: Nash’s impact was his on ball defense and the ability to distribute the ball in traffic and within the offense. He was able to split the defense and get downhill and find Ace for lobs. He did not look for his shot much throughout the game, but Nash made the right play and pushed the pace for McEachern, speeding up the offense while doing so. Defensively, he bothered Kell’s primary ball handlers with his active hands and quick feet, beating them to the spot and also playing the passing lanes gathering a few steals and deflections.

Josiah Lawson || 2024 || 6’6 SG || Tucker HS: The 6’7 senior exhibited offensive skill from all the levels scoring wherever from the floor. He used his strong frame to force his way to the rim and finish through physical defenders. He displayed poise and good footwork while posting up and surveying the floor first before making decisions. He connected on four 3 pointers mainly off the catch revealing his ability to stretch the floor too.

Nnadozie Onyirimba || 2024 || 6’7 PF || McEachern HS: Although Dozie is undersized at the position he is listed at, his motor and activity on the glass makes up for it. His physical post defense disrupted Kell’s frontcourt to get rhythm throughout the game. He defends well in the PnR exhibiting the ability to switch out on the perimeter and contain guards from getting downhill.

Contributor : Yusef Washington 


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