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Adidas 3SSB July 16-18 Omaha-Council Bluffs, IA

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Dylan Andrews || G || Compton Magic Elite 17u || 2022

Dylan intertwines his heart and passion for the game with athleticism to succeed on the court. His patience on offense is what ultimately stood out to me. He’s strong in the lane with great composure, along with a pure jumper. Vocal on both sides of the floor and shows the capability of being a young leader at the point guard. As the game goes on, you witness his intensity progressively increase, he demonstrates great footwork on both sides of the court.

Collin Chandler || G || Utah Prospects 17u || 2022

The moment I sat down for this game; I was fully aware that Collin was dominating. He faced off against the No. 5 ranked prospect in the class of 2022, Chris Livingston. The young shooting guard sold me, he’s aggressive with a high offensive IQ. He facilitated his offense throughout the game and quickly calculates which lane towards the rim will allow his team the best option of scoring, whether that is him or a teammate. In addition, Chandler is sneaky athletic, standing at 6’4”, he had two breakaway dunks, that he hammered down. He is an all-around great shooter shows impressive hangtime as well as arch on his jumper, ultimately increasing his field goal percentage.

Langston Reynolds || SG || Utah Prospects 17u || 2022

I was walking away from this matchup when Reynolds took off from just below the free throw line for a one hand slam and added the and-one to it. Throughout the game he showed his skill as a playmaker and as a valuable teammate. His motor doesn’t seem to run out and was involved in every play. With his energizer bunny gameplay, he keeps his team pumped up and focused on the objective. He knocked down a few threes, but with some adjustments to his jump shot, he will become more than just a valuable teammate.

Oakland Fort || PG || Compton Magic Elite 17u || 2022

This 5’10” point guard was named Arizona Republic Boys’ Basketball Player of the Year. This small guard will irritate the defense, quick feet, quicker cuts, and a strong handle. His balance and skill as a ball-handler makes him lethal as a downhill point guard, attacking the rim hard on each drive. He’s quite strong and can leverage his body around larger guards, showing no signs of backing down from a challenge. With improvement on his jump shot and off-hand layups, Oakland will be able to utilize his sneaky slashing ability and become a key piece to a D1 roster.

Jaylen Jones || PG || We Can All Go 17u || 2023

Jaylan is a true point guard, reminds me a little bit of Rajon. He loves to factor intimidation into his gameplay, he’s in the opponents face on out of bounds plays and during free throws, he attempts to distract or rattle the opposing team. He is 6’1” and showed off his athleticism in warmups with a few bouncy dunks. He demonstrates skill as a true facilitator, he remains vocal throughout the game and adjusts his teammates floor placement, allowing for the offense to be set up consistently, which seems to lack in high school basketball. He has good arm length making for a shifty ball handler and slasher. Jones has good awareness of defensive breakdowns and openings in the floor, that is when he limits the over dribbling.

Avion Pinner || F || Team Loaded 17u || 2023

I observed the last 4 minutes of Team Loaded’s blowout win, yet I witnessed great potential in Pinner. He showed extreme physicality in this span of time, although the team was up, he continued to box out and fight for every board. He’s athletic without a doubt, grab each rebound at its peak, but furthermore his ability to position himself on offense and defense really stood out. He has subtle awareness, he can place himself in the lane, or be patient to angle himself for a board or block. He’s an unselfish player and knows his role on offense as well, there wasn’t a moment where he slowed down on the court. Avion is grown, mature for his age and he puts his all into each play.

Somotchukwu Cyril || C || EAB Tennessee 17u || 2024

Cyril is a big bully on the lower block. I probably witnessed him get four blocks on consecutive drives. He’s only 15, standing at 6’10”, 230 pounds, once his body fully matures and coordination completion settles in, he will dominate both sides of the paint. His timing on blocks is impressive, showing patience in allowing the ball to reach its peak, and managed to go the game without a goaltending call.

Koa Peat || G || Compton Magic Elite 17u || 2025

This kid is impressive to say the least. He has received offers from several D1 school prior to entering high school. I witnessed Koa compete with players three classes above him and compete as an incoming freshman amongst seniors. Peat is a 6’7” small forward, that can also facilitate as a point guard, he’s an immense talent showing early stages of a dangerous point forward. He loves the short corners and can knock down threes, with quite the beautiful jumper for his age. He will be a serious threat as an all-around playmaker by the end of high school. His overall athleticism and experience playing up in AAU will most definitely drive him to only get bette.

Written by: Tyler Mundy

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