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Atlanta Jam April 11, 2021 - HoopSeen

Myron Amey || Team Rampage National || Scotland Prep || C/O 2021

Athletic primary ballhandler that is not fazed by contact and can shoot it from anywhere. Also, an unselfish player that displayed timely passes to open teammates for assists and knew when to finish at the rim especially in transition.

Mikey Pierce || Team Rampage National || American Canyon High School || C/O 2022

A tall and lanky guard/wing that thrives in transition. He is a problem in the open court because of his long strides and soft finishing touch.

Dacory Porter || Mississippi United || Terry High School || C/O 2022

A physical point guard that relentless attacks the rim and plays through contact. His handle was good enough to beat slower defenders.

Ismail Rashid || Skillset Elite || Brandon High School || C/O 2022

An off-ball guard/wing that has no problem with creating for himself. His jump shot mechanics are smooth and consistent which allows him to feel comfortable whether it’s from pulling up or catching and shooting. His size allows him to bully smaller guards and his athleticism allows him to blow by slower defenders.

Terrell Dixon || Skillset Elite || Brandon High School || C/O 2022

A tall and skilled primary ballhandler that has no problem getting to the rim because of his length and athleticism especially in transition. He also has a confident-looking jump shot and can hit threes or twos with some consistency.

Avaughn Johnson || Skillset Elite || Murrah High School || C/O 2022

He is a wing with guard-like skills and can prosper with or without the balls in his hands predominantly. He can hit shots from the outside but also has a combination of high motor and good athleticism that lets him make the most of his opportunities like finishing in transition.

Louzavious Thomas || Skillset Elite || Holmes County Central High School || C/O 2022

He is a forward with a decent motor and makes finishing look easy because of his size and athleticism. He has good hands which allow him to gather rebounds at a high rate and catch a lot of passes while rolling or cutting to the rim.

Demarcus Powe || Skillset Elite || Meridian High School || C/O 2022

He is a combo guard with a good offensive skill set and competes on defense. His offense was carried by his quickness which resulted in a lot of pull-ups or blowing by his defender. He has quick hands and feet on defense which sped up the opposing ballhandlers.

George Marshall || Skillset Elite || Callaway High School || C/O 2022

He is a more offensive-minded combo guard that does more with the ball in his hands. He controls the pace of the game and can throw defenses off with his quick and smooth pullup.

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Written by: Maquis Maffett

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