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GBCA Team Camp - Session 1 - Review

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Ernest Udeh || Dr. Phillips || C/O 2022

Ernest Udeh was the most impressive prospect of the weekend. He’s a skilled big with an extremely high motor. Can finish well with both hands around the rim and punish defenders above the rim. Also he’s a versatile defender who can guard the P&R and communicate well to his teammates.

Dhiaukuei Dut || Greenforest Christian Academy || C/O 2023

Dut makes life very difficult for opposing teams. Along with teammate Gai Chol, he impacts the game on both ends with his size, length and motor. Dut is very versatile; he guarded multiple positions, contested every shot in his area and finished well with touch.

Isaiah Collier || Wheeler HS || C/O 2023

Isaiah is a skilled P&R handler who controls games for Wheeler HS. He is patient and makes high level reads in the P&R. He’s able to get to the line, score through contact, finish with both hands around the rim, and shoot off the dribble. Also, he has active hands defensively and looks to pick up players at half court.

Chris Nurse || Windermere || C/O 2022

Nurse was very impressive leading his team back from a large deficit to Wheeler HS. His team ended up coming short in the final minute, but Nurse did all he could to make it a game. He has a high motor, guarded 1-4 and led his team through positive energy.

Jakai Newton || Newton HS || C/O 2023

I was impressed by Jakai’s ability to affect the game in multiple areas. He’s an unselfish player who is willing to turn down his own looks for even better shots for his teammates. He has good shooting touch off the dribble & catch and the strength to finish through contact.

Daquavious Harrison || Colombia HS || C/O 2022

Harrison showed flashes of being a potential 3&D prospect. He hit four 3’s and guarded the best player against Evans HS. He uses his size and length to get his shot off comfortably and affect his opponent defensively. In addition, he also won multiple 50/50 balls and led his team to a win.

Justin Burns || Monroe High School || C/O 2024

A wiry and long guard that causes trouble for opposing ballhandlers on the perimeter. Also has high energy which resulted to offensive rebounds.

An’Drico Jackson || Monroe High School || C/O 2023

He had a knack for getting to his spots and scoring against tough defense. He showed the ability to score with a series of floaters and moving jumpers.

Andrew Black || Greenbrier High School || C/O 2022

A high energy guard that does not wait for the ball to come him. He can score at all three levels and scored easy points in transition.

Davin Driskell || Greenbrier High School || C/O 2024

A strong forward that hustles for every rebound. His ability to clear out and rebound made transition offense easier for his team.

Daveon Henderson || Westside (Macon) High School || C/O 2023

A strong and effortless scorer from the guard position. He showed that he can shoot from all over the floor in a variety of ways.

Shannon Fountain || Westside (Macon) High School || C/O 2023

A quick and vocal point guard with exceptional vision. He is also not shy on offense and can use his quickness to get the shot he wants.

Djibril Barry || Therrell High School || C/O 2022

A long forward with a good offensive skillset. He showed that he can take slower and bigger defenders off the dribble and can score from the post against smaller defenders.

Ricky Mckenzie || Walker High School || C/O 2024

He is a big and physical guard who attacks the paint relentlessly. He also showed that he can hit the open 3 when he is left open.

CJ Brown || Walker High School || C/O 2024

He is an athletic guard who runs up and down the floor which resulted in easy transition points whether it was from inside or outside.

Tyson Rooks || Glynn Academy || C/O 2022

He is a long and athletic forward with good defensive versatility on the inside and perimeter. He also hit outside shots with some consistency.

Delrecco Gillespie || East Coweta High School || C/O 2022

He is a long and big forward that can finish around the rim consistently through traffic and showed he can step and hit shots outside the paint.

Jordan Edun || East Coweta High School || C/O 2022

He is a long guard that has great instincts on both sides of the ball. His length causes problems on the perimeter and he is a capable shooter if left open.

Austen Colton || East Coweta High School || C/O 2023

He is a point guard with good court vision and has the ability to shoot from the outside or finish inside.

Jayden Williams || Winderemere Prep || C/O 2022

He is a long and athletic wing that hit outside shots from all over and used his size to disrupt opponents attempting to get their spots.

Mikel Brown || Orlando Christian Prep || C/O 2025

A smooth point guard than can shoot from the outside and keep defenses off balance with his passing ability.

Sean Stewart || Windermere High School || C/O 2023

A high energy forward that has soft touch around the rim and shows that he can rebound at a high rate.

Written by: Marquis Maffett & Max Goldstein

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