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Getting to Know Kowacie Reeves Jr.

If you have not seen Kowacie Reeves Jr. play in person, then you are truly missing out. He is one of the best shot makers in the state of Georgia. Standing at 6'6 he can shoot over the top of smaller defenders, he can also put the ball on the floor and create his shot from the perimeter against slower defenders. But what I like most about him is his polished footwork, which allows him to create the separation he needs. It is rare to meet a high school player with elite footwork and in my opinion its what sets him apart from everyone else in his class.

The C/O of 2021 shooting guard committed to the University of Florida over the summer, which I believe is a great fit for both sides.

Now to my conversation with Kowacie Reeves Jr in Q&A form:

Q: Tell me about your upbringing, where are you from originally?

A. I’m from Macon GA born and raised and I’m still living there today.

Q: Who’s your support system?

A. My immediate family are my biggest supporters. My mom, my dad, and my sister.

Q: Do you have any siblings? What are their names?

A. I have a younger sister named Kasey

Q: Tell me what a typical day is like for you in the Reeves Household?

A. With everything going on I’ve been going to the gym working out and then coming home and hanging out with my family, that’s really all we can do right now.

Q: The AAU season has been crazy this year, what has the change been like for you?

A. I’ve just been doing what I need to do and it’s been feeling alright and like I’ve got a good AAU season in even with what’s been going on with COVID.

Q: How do you describe your game?

A. I’m most definitely a shooter

Q: What do you like most about your game and basketball itself?

A. About basketball, I love the life lessons the game can teach you as you keep playing. With my own game, I like to play free, have fun when I’m on the court, and try to make my teammates better as well.

Q: What do you think you still need to work on?

A: I know that I’m going to have to work on strength going into college because at the next level the guys are older, bigger, and stronger so that’s something I’ve been keying in on.

Q: Do you have anybody that you patterned your game after or compare your game to?

A. I’ve always looked at guys before me a lot. I watch basketball now but don’t model my game after any current players.

Q: Would you say you’re a coachable player?

A. Yes, definitely.

Q: What makes you coachable?

A. I always try to get better and I listen to my coaches

Q: What motivates you in basketball?

A. My family and I’m also self-motivated. I always try to be the best that I can be.

Q: Do you like or love basketball?

A. I love it

Q: Why?

A. Everything that comes with it. It can connect you with other people and simply I just have a lot of love for the game, I’ve been playing it my whole life.

Q: Has there been any adversity that you've faced on or off the court?

A. You face adversity almost every day in life off the court and then on the court you can face

adversity. You can lose players, and of course, injuries could be faced as well.

Q: What makes you tick, like is there anything that bothers you?

A. Definitely lazy people that don’t want to work.

Q: What are your goals for next season and moving forward after high school?

A. Next season I want to win the State Championships. In college, I want to become the best player I can be and learn more about the game and see where it goes from there.

Q: You recently committed to the University of Florida, what went into that decision?

A. A lot of things weighed into that decision but most of all it was the consistency of the


Q: What were you looking for in a program?

A. I was looking for someone who was going to be real with me and tell me what I wanted to and needed to hear and how things were going to be. Also, people that I believe care about me. Also, a program that has resources academically.

Q: What are your grades like?

A. I currently have a 4.0 GPA

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. I can see myself in two places. Either working in my own field in animation or something because I want to get my degree in graphic design, or I can see myself as a rising NBA star.

Q: Last question, would you rather hit a game-winning shot at home or on the road and tell me why?

A. On the road, because It’s nothing like beating somebody in their house and also their crowd would be into the game and it just takes the life out of the crowd. There’s no better feeling than that.

In conclusion, we would like to thank Kowacie for taking the time to sit down and answer a few questions. We look forward to seeing his continued growth as a basketball player at the University of Florida and we encourage him to stay focused on his goals and to keep the same mentality that has gotten him this far, keep your circle tight, and when you step in-between the lines make sure they remember your name!

Until next time...

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