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NBA Mock Draft 2022 - 5th Edition

Welcome to the 5th and final installment of our 2022 NBA Mock Draft.

Since our last Mock Draft installment, we have all attended the NBA G-League Elite Camp, NBA Draft Combine, NBA-approved Pro-Days, and countless pre-draft workouts. We have a good handle on the talent in this year's draft class and have done our best as a staff to evaluate fairly and efficiently.

This mock has been a labor of love as we scouted hundreds of prospects worldwide to complete this final edition. But we added a wrinkle this year; for the first time, we completed two Mocks simultaneously, the one you are reading and a Private Mock for paid subscribers to the site. The private mock will include; strengths & weaknesses, games notes & game reports, stats, analytical metrics, and detailed video breakdowns. If you are interested in the private mock, please select the link highlighted.

All of that leads us to this point: the draft is a week from today, on June 23, 2022, and we are confident in our selections and eager to see who lands.

In the meantime, enjoy our final Mock Draft and stay tuned for more great content from our entire staff at Between The Lines Sports.

BTL Mock Draft Contributors: AJ Wahl, Alan Alcantar, Andrew Barton, Barry Browner, Bryon Cook, Evan Skilliter,

Jakob Laden, Layth Dahman, Roebi Habersham and Samuel Forshee

1st Round

1. Orlando Magic

Jabari Smith Jr. | Fr | Auburn | 6'10 | PF

Floor: Channing Frye

Ceiling: Anthony Davis


Jabari is a modern-day stretch big that can shoot it from the perimeter, he can rebound & push in transition, and he defends multiple positions (Smith ranked #1 in the draft class on the BTL Sports Defensive Metric Chart). He is a polished face-up scoring threat in the mid-post area, using a series of jab/shot fakes to keep his defender off balance. In transition, Smith is not afraid of getting out and filling lanes to make himself an option to score. On the defensive end, his length and athleticism allow him to play the passing lanes and mix it up on the interior.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

Chet Holmgren | Fr | Gonzaga | 7'0 | C

Floor: Thon Maker

Ceiling: Kristaps Porzingus


Holmgren is a unique prospect with high-level skills on both sides of the ball. He has great rim-protecting instincts and the ability to guard along the perimeter. He was highly effective finishing at the rim and proved to be a capable catch-and-shoot 3pt shooter. Questions exist about his thin frame as well as his shot creation.

3. Houston Rockets

Paolo Banchero | Fr |Duke | 6'10 | F

Floor: Julius Randle

Ceiling: Blake Griffin


Paolo has a good combination of size, skill, and strength with the ability to handle the ball and play make for his teammates, shoot it from the perimeter and bang on the interior. He can defend multiple positions on the defensive end, primarily 3 - 5. He must sure up is shot selection and shooting percentages overall.

4. Sacramento Kings

Keegan Murray | So | Iowa | 6'8 | PF