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NBA Mock Draft 2022 - 5th Edition

Welcome to the 5th and final installment of our 2022 NBA Mock Draft.

Since our last Mock Draft installment, we have all attended the NBA G-League Elite Camp, NBA Draft Combine, NBA-approved Pro-Days, and countless pre-draft workouts. We have a good handle on the talent in this year's draft class and have done our best as a staff to evaluate fairly and efficiently.

This mock has been a labor of love as we scouted hundreds of prospects worldwide to complete this final edition. But we added a wrinkle this year; for the first time, we completed two Mocks simultaneously, the one you are reading and a Private Mock for paid subscribers to the site. The private mock will include; strengths & weaknesses, games notes & game reports, stats, analytical metrics, and detailed video breakdowns. If you are interested in the private mock, please select the link highlighted.

All of that leads us to this point: the draft is a week from today, on June 23, 2022, and we are confident in our selections and eager to see who lands.

In the meantime, enjoy our final Mock Draft and stay tuned for more great content from our entire staff at Between The Lines Sports.

BTL Mock Draft Contributors: AJ Wahl, Alan Alcantar, Andrew Barton, Barry Browner, Bryon Cook, Evan Skilliter,

Jakob Laden, Layth Dahman, Roebi Habersham and Samuel Forshee

1st Round

1. Orlando Magic

Jabari Smith Jr. | Fr | Auburn | 6'10 | PF

Floor: Channing Frye

Ceiling: Anthony Davis


Jabari is a modern-day stretch big that can shoot it from the perimeter, he can rebound & push in transition, and he defends multiple positions (Smith ranked #1 in the draft class on the BTL Sports Defensive Metric Chart). He is a polished face-up scoring threat in the mid-post area, using a series of jab/shot fakes to keep his defender off balance. In transition, Smith is not afraid of getting out and filling lanes to make himself an option to score. On the defensive end, his length and athleticism allow him to play the passing lanes and mix it up on the interior.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

Chet Holmgren | Fr | Gonzaga | 7'0 | C

Floor: Thon Maker

Ceiling: Kristaps Porzingus


Holmgren is a unique prospect with high-level skills on both sides of the ball. He has great rim-protecting instincts and the ability to guard along the perimeter. He was highly effective finishing at the rim and proved to be a capable catch-and-shoot 3pt shooter. Questions exist about his thin frame as well as his shot creation.

3. Houston Rockets

Paolo Banchero | Fr |Duke | 6'10 | F

Floor: Julius Randle

Ceiling: Blake Griffin


Paolo has a good combination of size, skill, and strength with the ability to handle the ball and play make for his teammates, shoot it from the perimeter and bang on the interior. He can defend multiple positions on the defensive end, primarily 3 - 5. He must sure up is shot selection and shooting percentages overall.

4. Sacramento Kings

Keegan Murray | So | Iowa | 6'8 | PF

Floor: Marcus Morris

Ceiling: Kyle Kuzma


Keegan is a dual-threat from both the post area and the 3pt line; he has solid footwork and can score over either shoulder while also possessing the ability to step out and knock down a 3pt shot. He is also switchable as a defender utilizing a combination of size, strength, and length. He needs to improve his handle as he struggles to create for himself and continue to get stronger as he struggles to finish with contact.

5. Detroit Pistons

Jaden Ivey | So | Purdue | 6'4 | SG

Floor: JR Rider

Ceiling: Donovan Mitchell


Jaden is an explosive athlete in transition and off the dribble, getting the rim and finishing well. He has a decent shooting percentage from the 3pt line but must work on getting his feet set to knock it down at a higher clip. He also needs to work on slowing down as he is often at maximum speed, which gets him in trouble driving to the basket. He must also work on valuing the ball as he makes careless passes and is loose with the ball off the dribble.

6. Indiana Pacers

Ochai Agbaji | Sr | Kansas | 6'5 | SG

Floor: Joe Harris

Ceiling: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope


Ochai has all the makings of a good two-way player; he has elite athleticism, he shoots it well from behind the 3pt line off the catch, and he is switchable on the defensive end. He needs to improve his ability to create for himself off the dribble and hunt his shot at time; he can fall to the background and not engage.

7. Portland Trailblazers

Bennedict Mathurin | So | Arizona | 6'6 | SF

Floor: Terrance Ross

Ceiling: Victor Oladipo


Mathurin is a three-level scorer who can operate in the pick and roll or take defenders one-on-one. Mathurin is a threat off the ball who looks to come off screens for catch and shoot opportunities. He has the physical tools to defend at a high level and uses his strong frame to finish at the rim and crash the glass. Mathurin still needs refinement on defense as he can get lost off the ball. His offensive IQ also needs work as he settles for contested midrange shots and doesn't project as a playmaker.

8. New Orleans Pelicans

AJ Griffin | Fr | Duke | 6'6 | SF

Floor: Saddiq Bey

Ceiling: T.J. Warren


Griffin is a physical and skillful prospect with tools that translate to the NBA. He can create space for his shot, especially in the midrange, and is a crafty finisher at the rim. He shoots it consistently from the 3pt line, which he can shoot either off the dribble or off the catch. The significant improvements that Griffin can make would be his decision-making on both ends; as a ball-handler and understanding of when to distribute the ball. Also, understanding his role as a defender, using his physical ability and lateral quickness to better contest shots and negate drives.

9. San Antonio Spurs

Nikola Jović | KK Mega Basket | 6'10 | F

Floor: Bojan Bogdanovic

Ceiling: Danilo Gallinari


Nikola is a prototypical modern-day forward that combines length, skill, and IQ. With a score-first mentality, especially in transition and in PnR action, he can create for himself or set up his teammates. Given that he will only be 19 years of age in his first NBA season, the upside that he can provide to a team in the immediate makes him one of the more exciting prospects of this draft.

10. Washington Wizards

Jeremy Sochan | Fr | Baylor | 6'9 | SF

Floor: Nic Batum

Ceiling: Boris Diaw


Jeremy is constantly moving without the ball, finding open space for a high-quality shot behind the defense. He is also active on the offensive boards securing extra possessions and second-chance opportunities. If he can add a consistent catch-and-shoot 3pt shot, it would open a driving lane for him and set up play-making opportunities for others. His most significant skill is his defensive versatility; he can switch 2-5 and impact the game from that end of the floor.

11. New York Knicks

Jalen Duren | Fr | Memphis | 6'11 | PF

Floor: Robert Williams

Ceiling: Deandre Jordan


Jalen can bang on the boards for rebounds and helps his team gain second chance opportunities. He is a lob threat in the half-court or transition; his athleticism, long arms, and strong frame make him a tough cover. On the opposite side of the court, utilizing the same skills previously mentioned, he can protect the rim, rebound at a high clip and switch out on the perimeter. The sky is the limit if he can play with a consistent motor.

12. Oklahoma City Thunder

Malaki Branham | Fr | Ohio State | 6'5 | SG

Floor: Caris LeVert

Ceiling: Khris Middleton


Malaki has good positional size and length to play on the wing; he finishes well around the rim and shoots it well from behind the 3pt line. He is a willing passer and does a good job defending the perimeter, moving his feet, and contesting jumpers. He needs to improve his handle and start mixing it up on the interior for rebounds.

13. Charlotte Hornets

Mark Williams | So | Duke | 7'0 | C

Floor: Nerlins Noel

Ceiling: Clint Capela


Mark runs the floor well, filling the lanes or rim, running down the middle of the court, and regularly beating his defender to the paint. He finishes well in and around the lane as a roller in PnR action. He also thrives as a rim protector, challenging and altering shots. He is active on the glass, securing extra possessions on the offensive end and igniting the fastbreak on the defensive end.

14. Cleveland Cavaliers

Dyson Daniels | G-League Ignite | 6'6 | PG

Floor: Tyreke Evans

Ceiling: Dejounte Murray


Dyson is a big lead guard that has the ability to finish in and around the lane with floaters and mid-range jumpers. He also can be a playmaker for his teammates, drawing attention in the lane and kicking out easy open attempts. He needs to improve his shot from behind the 3pt line and become more engaged on the defensive end.

15. Charlotte Hornets

Tari Eason | So | LSU | 6'8 | PF

Floor: Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist

Ceiling: Jonathan Issac


Tari is a slasher that can get downhill in a hurry off pin-downs and perimeter swings attacking the closeout; he finishes well around the rim and is active on the offensive boards. He needs to improve his handle and pace as he seems to be playing at 100mph. He also must improve his rebounding numbers, considering he averages only 6.3 for his career.

16. Atlanta Hawks

Johnny Davis | So |Wisconsin | 6'5 | SG

Floor: Malcolm Brogdon

Ceiling: Bradley Beal


Johnny is a traditional shooting guard who doesn't rely on the 3pt shot for most of his attempts. He likes to get downhill or go to the mid-post, where he is comfortable for mid-range attempts. He has to extend his range as a shooter for no reason other than to keep the defense honest he also needs to improve his lateral quickness so he can stay in front of smaller guards.

17. Houston Rockets

Wendell Moore Jr. | So | Duke | 6'6 | SF

Floor: Isaac Okoro

Ceiling: Gary Trent Jr.


Moore is an intriguing forward with a combination of wingspan, 3pt shooting, strength, and court vision. He needs to improve athletically; being more explosive on both ends of the floor and staying locked in on defense assignments will increase his chances of staying on the court.

18. Chicago Bulls

Walker Kessler | So | Auburn | 7'0 | C

Floor: Jakob Poeltl

Ceiling: Brook Lopez


Walker is one of the best rim protectors in the draft; he has good instincts blocking shots and regularly keeps the ball in play. He runs the floor well, leading to high percentage dunks and layup opportunities in transition. He can operate in PnR action; as the roll man, he has good hands allowing him to catch tough passes and finish in traffic at the rim. If he can find his shooting stroke, he'd be the still of the draft.

19. Minnesota Timberwolves

E.J. Liddell | Jr | Ohio State | 6'8 | F

Floor: Ryan Gomes

Ceiling: Paul Milsap


EJ is an undersized PF that is a load to handle on the block; he can score over either shoulder, has a mid-range jumper, and has good vision when doubles come. He is an active rebounder using a motor to secure boards on both ends. He has range from behind the 3pt line in PnP action or as a trailer at the top of the key. He, unfortunately, lacks elite athleticism and size, which puts him at a disadvantage with bigger athletes.

20. San Antonio Spurs

Jabari Walker | So | Colorado | 6'9 | F

Floor: Corey Brewer

Ceiling: Marvin Williams


Walker plays with a high motor and is a great rebounder. He crashes the glass on both ends of the court and constantly runs the floor looking for easy transition buckets. He has a solid three-point shot that has to be respected by defenses. He needs to refine his half-court skills as he is a limited playmaker who does not have a reliable post-game or mid-range shot.

21. Denver Nuggets

TyTy Washington | Fr | Kentucky | 6'3 | PG

Floor: Tyus Jones

Ceiling: D'Angelo Russell


TyTy has good touch in and around the lane, which allows him to finish with an array of runners and floaters; he also has a decent stroke from the mid-range as well. He is a willing passer in PnR and drive & kick action. He needs to improve his pace of play as everything seems to be full speed; he also must work on his shot selection as he tends to force shots. He also is a below-average athlete, which is the cause for his shot getting blocked in the lane.

22. Memphis Grizzlies

Justin Lewis | So | Marquette | 6'7 | PF

Floor: Demarre Carrol

Ceiling: P.J. Tucker


Justin is a much-improved shooter from the 3pt line and is active in transition filling the lanes and rim running. He utilizes this improved shooting to set up straight-line drive opportunities. He is also a solid defender on the interior and perimeter, using his length and athleticism. He must improve his ability to finish in the lane with his left hand, as his right-hand dominance will be on the scouting report.

23. Philadelphia 76'ers

Christian Braun | Jr | Kansas | 6'6 | SG

Floor: Pat Connaughton

Ceiling: Grayson Allen


Christian shoots it well from the 3pt line off the catch, which allows him to utilize a pump-fake to create straight-line driving opportunities. He does a good job playing the passing lanes leading to transition points. He must improve his ability to create off the dribble for 3pt and paint opportunities. He also needs to improve his lateral quickness as he struggles to contain ball handlers.

24. Milwaukee Bucks

Blake Wesley | Fr | Notre Dame | 6'5 SG

Floor: Flip Murray

Ceiling: Jamal Crawford


While Blake is very explosive in the open court and has a good first step, he must improve his ability to finish in and around the lane; he only shot 43% at the rim, and for a guy who gets to the rim as much as he does those numbers have to improve. I believe when he gets stronger and puts on weight, that part of his game will improve. He must also extend his range to the 3pt line as he shot 31% on 173 attempts.

25. San Antonio Spurs

Dereon Seabron | So | NC State | 6'7 | SF

Floor: Evan Turner

Ceiling: Andre Iguodala


Dereon has a lot of skill to work with; he has an elite first step which allows him to get downhill, he finishes well around the rim, and he's long & athletic. Couple that with his ability to rebound & push in transition, along with a willingness to pass. He must improve his shooting stroke from the 3pt line, his defensive engagement, and carelessness with the ball.

26. Dallas Mavericks

Isaiah Mobley | Jr | USC | 6'10 | PF

Floor: Markieff Morris

Ceiling: Chris Weber


Mobley has the makings of a stretch/point forward who is comfortable with the ball in his hands in the post or on the perimeter. His ball-handling and passing off the dribble are underrated. When combined with his three-point shooting, he has a polished offensive game. He is just an average athlete that will need to get stronger to guard more traditional bigs at the next level. Mobley also settles for perimeter shots too often, where he relies on pull-up jump shots or three-pointers instead of punishing smaller defenders in the post.

27. Miami Heat

MarJon Beauchamp | G-League Ignite | 6'6 | SF

Floor: Robert Covington

Ceiling: Mikal Bridges


MarJon has good positional size and length for a wing; he finishes well around the rim and can knock down a mid-range jumper. His length is also a key factor in his ability to play the passing lanes. He needs to improve his shot from behind the 3pt line as well as tighten up his handle, and he is limited offensively in the half-court if he's not slashing to the rim.

28. Golden State Warriors

Dalen Terry | So | Arizona | 6'7 | SG

Floor: Michael Carter-Williams

Ceiling: Shaun Livinginston


Dalen Terry is a long wing that has great passing ability. His court vision is off the charts for his position. He can handle the ball and make plays not only for himself but for his teammates. He can guard multiple positions on the defensive end, but he still has to get stronger.

29. Memphis Grizzles

Shaedon Sharpe | Fr | Kentucky | 6'6 | SG

Floor: Nick Young

Ceiling: J.R. Smith


Shaedon has a lot of untapped potential, highlighted by his elite athleticism, which allows him to finish well around the rim. He also has good shot mechanics, which should lead to a much-improved stroke from behind the 3pt line. He does need to improve his handle as he currently lacks the ability to create off the dribble, and he also must work on finishing in the lane with contact.

30. Oklahoma City Thunder

Andrew Nembhard | Sr | Gonzaga | 6'5 | PG/SG

Floor: Antonio Daniels

Ceiling: Greivis Vasquez


Nembhard is a traditional point guard who thrives in transition and PnR action. He looks to pass first but has been efficient when looking to score in the lane. He plays with great pace, which limits turnovers and keeps his defender off balance. Most of his scoring is reliant on his three-point shot dropping effectively. He could be a great backup point guard option but does not profile as much of a scorer.

2nd Round

31. Indiana Pacers

Ousmane Dieng | New Zealand Breakers | 6'9 | SF

Comp: Pascal Siakam


Ousmane showed immense upside in the 2nd half of the NBL season, improving his 3pt shooting, handle, and driving ability. His athleticism, size, and skill project into what could be a legitimate wing scoring threat, as well as a legitimate rim protector due to his quick lateral movement. Although he is a project at the next level, the upside he has already shown at 19 years of age shows the reward could be very worthwhile for any organization looking for an athletic and skilled forward.

32. Orlando Magic

Jaden Hardy | G-League Ignite | 6'4 | SG

Comp.: Jordan Clarkson


Jaden has the ability to create for himself and his teammates; however, his shooting percentages don't result in buckets, and he tends to turn the ball over as well. He must improve at finishing around the rim and cut down on the turnovers. He also must make an effort to rebound that way; he could push in transition and create before the defense is set.

33. Toronto Raptors

Josh Minott | Fr | Memphis | 6'7 | SF

Comp: Trevor Ariza


Josh is a live body that is very active in transition filling the lanes or crashing the boards for second-chance opportunities. He is long, athletic, and plays with a high motor, which helps him on the defensive side of the ball. Although everything has been a small sample size due to playing limited minutes, he still has to improve his shooting stroke from behind the 3pt line.

34. Oklahoma City Thunder

Christian Koloko | Jr | Arizona | 6'11 | C

Comp: Clint Capela


Koloko is a defined role player who understands what role he'll play at the next level. He defends the rim well as a shot-blocker and can guard and contest shots in space. He is a strong finisher in the paint and has improved his free throw shooting to help deter defenses from simply fouling him. A good athlete who moves fluidly and runs the court well, Koloko lacks offensive skills such as play-making, shooting, and ball handling. Will be relied upon as a screener, pick and roll finisher, and rim protector.

35. Orlando Magic

Kennedy Chandler | Fr | Tennessee | 6'0 | PG

Ceiling: Mike Conley


Kennedy has a quick first step and changes speed and direction well. In the open court, he uses his quickness to keep his defender on their heels while attacking the paint. When he gets in the lane he looks to dump off to the big, kick out to the wing or finish with runners or floaters. Kennedy needs to get stronger so he doesn't get bumped off his spot, or bullied in the lane.

36. Portland Trailblazers

Alondes Williams | Sr | Wake Forest | 6'6 | SF

Comp: Lamar Stevens


Alondes is a big strong guard with good athleticism, vision, and ability to finish in the lane with contact. He is also a pretty good mid-range jump shooter, above-average rebounder for his position, and good on-ball defender. He needs to improve his shooting from behind the 3pt line and must also do a better job valuing the basketball; he has too many turnovers.

37. Sacramento Kings

Julian Champagnie | Jr | St. Johns | 6'8 | F

Comp: Trey Lyles


Julian has good positional size and strength; he is a fluid ball-handler who can create a little off the dribble. He is a serviceable defender; coupled with his size and strength he has quick hands and long arms, which he uses to recover when he's blown by. He must improve his consistency as a shooter as he can be very streaky, he also struggles to create separation for himself off the dribble requiring him to take forced contested shots.

38. San Antonio Spurs

Jordan Hall | So | St. Joseph's | 6'7 | SF

Comp: Austin Daye


Jordan is a big lead guard that excels in transition both as a scorer and playmaker, he also does a good job in PnR action in the same capacities, he can make every pass in the book. He has good size and length which makes him an adequate defender both on the perimeter and interior. He must improve his shot selection and take quick bad shots. He also needs to get stronger and work on finishing with contact.

39. Cleveland Cavaliers

Michael Foster Jr. | G-League Ignite | 6'9 | PF

Comp: Taj Gibson


Michael has good size and strength, which allows the opportunity to finish in and around the lane at a high clip. He is active in PnR action as a roller and on the offensive boards. He is also a decent passer out of the post and on the move in transition as well as DHOs. He needs to extend his range out to the 3pt line, improve his handle and work on his footwork in the post.

40. Minnesota Timberwolves

Bryce McGowens | Fr | Nebraska | 6'7 | SG

Comp: Jayson Tatum


Bryce has good positional size at 6'7 and is a good athlete, but his inability to create off the dribble is concerning along with his poor shooting from the field 39.9% and the 3pt line 26.9%. Bryce will have to decide what kind of player at the next level he wants to be, I believe he has the make-up to be a good 3 & D wing. It was a very small sample size but his percentages from the corners are encouraging, and if you couple that with his size and length to defend on the perimeter, he could carve out a space for himself.

41. New Orleans Pelicans

JD Davison | FR | Alabama | 6'3 | PG

Comp: Dennis Smith Jr.


JD has two elite and unique skill sets; he's typically the best athlete on the floor when he plays, and he has good vision as a passer in drive & kick action. He is a great finisher in the lane above & around the rim. He is also very explosive in the open court; you don't want to allow him to get going downhill. If he continues to work on his jump-shot, his defensive awareness, and his vocal leadership, he could be a steal.

42. New York Knicks

Teddy Allen | Sr | New Mexico State | 6'5 | SG

Comp: Desmond Bane


Teddy is always looking to score, driving to the rim, making pull-up mid-range jumpers or from behind the 3pt line. Not only does he have the tendency to score but is also an underrated defender; he allowed an 37% Opponent FG% this past season, which is impressive.

43. Los Angeles Clippers

Jake LaRavia | Jr | Wake Forest | 6'8 | PF

Comp: Chandler Parsons


Jake has a good feel for the game, which he puts on full display when making cuts to open spots on the floor and passing from the mid and low post. He also is a good shooter from the 3pt line shooting 37.1% for his career. He must improve his ability to score in the lane with his left hand; he also must work on his lateral quickness as he struggles to get shifty ball handlers in front of him on the perimeter.

44. Atlanta Hawks

David Roddy | Jr | Colorado State | 6'5 | SG

Comp: Desmond Bane


David can knock down open 3pt shots off the catch or the dribble; he uses straight-line drives to keep defenders off balance due to his efficient finishing ability in the lane. He is a switchable defender where he uses his strong frame and active hands to contain both post and perimeter players. He must improve his quickness and athleticism because he won't be able to overpower players at the next level. He also needs to improve his decision-making on drives and passes, where he may end up with unnecessary offensive fouls or turnovers.

45. Charlotte Hornets

Moussa Diabaté | Fr | Michigan | 6'10 | PF

Comp: Dwayne Dedmon


Moussa has a live body that runs the floor well in transition, competes on the offensive boards, and finishes well in and around the lane. He also has a decent shooting stroke from the mid-range in face-up situations. He needs to improve his feel as he throws his body around, which leads to fouls and bad shots. He also doesn't rebound at a very high clip which is disappointing considering his size and activity.

46. Detroit Pistons

Ron Harper Jr. | Sr | Rutgers | 6'6 | SG

Comp: Jared Dudley


Ron has several skill sets that translate to the next level; he can shoot it from the 3pt line off the dribble or catch, he can create space off the bounce, and he can defend a few positions. He needs to improve his ability to play make for his teammates, also needs to improve his athleticism and overall quickness, along with make some improvements to his body as he lacks muscle definition.

47. Memphis Grizzlies

Kofi Cockburn | Jr | Illinois | 7'0 | C

Comp: Steven Adams


Kofi is physically dominant in the lane over his 3-year career at Illinois, if he touched the ball in the lane, it was likely he would convert. He also ran the floor well, rebounded at a high clip, and has good hands. He struggles in PnR coverage, where he doesn't move his feet well laterally, and he also needs to be a bit more intentional on defense as he tends to reach, which can get him into foul trouble.

48. Minnesota Timberwolves

Khalifa Diop | Gran Canaria | 6'11 | C

Comp: Damien Jones


Khalifa demonstrates great footwork and patience to finesse other big men in the restricted area and has a decent mid-range jump. He can put the ball on the floor and drive to the lane when needed, making him tough to guard. Khalifa also runs the floor with great intensity, which allows him to score on the fastbreak. On defense, he has good shot-blocking instincts, which is assisted by his athleticism and the ability to stay vertical.

49. Sacramento Kings

Ismaël Kamagate | Paris Basketball | 6'11 | C

Comp: Jalen Smith


Ismaël is a long, bouncy, and athletic big that operates as a cutter, primarily working the baseline and dunker area. Although limited in defensive aspects aside from basic rim protection, he does struggle in PnR coverage and is often too late on help defense.

50. Golden State Warriors

Jalen Williams | Jr | Santa Clara | 6'6 | SG

Comp: George King


Jalen is a good athlete with length that can create for himself off the dribble, getting to the rim, as well as getting his shot off from the 3pt line. He needs considerable development defensively, frequently uses his wingspan as a deterrent than actually applying contention.

51. Minnesota Timberwolves

Patrick Baldwin Jr. | Fr | Milwaukee | 6'9 | F

Ceiling: Otto Porter


Patrick is a big skilled forward that finishes well around the rim and has a decent mid-range jumper. He also can rebound and push in transition, which will help his team by not allowing the defense to set up. He needs to improve his ball-handling as he doesn't create space off the dribble; he also tends to drift and not engage on both ends of the floor.

52. New Orleans Pelicans

Darius Days | Sr | Louisiana State | 6'7 | PF

Ceiling: JaMychal Green


Darius makes up for his lack of height with a strong frame, toughness, and ability to spread the floor. He can defend multiple positions with the strength to defend bigs and lateral quickness to defend wings. Offensively, he likes to shoot the PnP and the trail 3's from the top of the key; he has to become a more consistent shooter as his percentages fluctuate over his first two seasons. He likes to crash the offensive glass, as he was the team's leading offensive rebounder last season, securing valuable extra possession.

53. Boston Celtics

Ryan Rollins | So | Toledo | 6'4 | SG

Comp: Landry Shamet


Ryan is a long guard that excels in the mid-range and has a nice handle that allows him to create space to get his shot off. He is a willing passer primarily in drive and kick actions and is a decent rebounder that will push in transition to start the fastbreak. He needs to extend his range out to the 3pt line as well as continue to get stronger physically, which is a key component of why he struggles to finish with contact.

54. Forfeited by MIA

55. Forfeited by MIL

56. Golden State Warriors

Trevion Williams | Sr | Purdue | 6'7 | C

Comp: Kevin Love


Trevion is a very interesting prospect; while undersized at 6'7, he has a plus 7 ft wingspan, which allows him to defend and rebound at a high clip when engaged. He is also an elite passer off the dribble and out of the post, as he regularly passed guys open. He can also defend multiple positions as he has good lateral quickness and the strength to bang & rebound on the interior. He must develop a jump shot from the perimeter as well as continue to work on his body.

57. Washington Wizards

Keon Ellis | Sr | Alabama | 6'6 | SG

Comp: Cody Martin


Keon is a live body that loves slashing to the basket, getting out in transition, and is active on the glass. He also is a decent shooter from the 3pt line, shooting 37.1% for his career. He needs to add some weight and strength to improve his finishing in the lane with contact. He also must work on his shot selection as he takes deep contested shots from the perimeter and wild shots in the lane.

58. Cleveland Cavaliers

Kendall Brown | Fr | Baylor | 6'8 | SF

Comp: Marcus Morris


Kendall plays within the flow of the game and doesn't force his offense if he isn't making shots. He is limited offensively in scoring, and his scoring comes from attacking the rim on straight-line drives. His lack of a three-point shot makes it easy for opponents to sag off on him, limiting the driving lanes he has to the rim. He is aggressive, crashing the offensive glass and boxing out, allowing him to have extra possession and second-chance opportunities.

59. Portland Trailblazers

Jean Montero | Overtime Elite | 6'3 | PG

Comp: Trey Burke


Jean can knock down shots from behind the 3pt line when he has time and space; he is also a decent playmaker when he gets in the lane. He is also a pesky defender that has active hands resulting in steals. He must improve his shooting consistency from the field, along with his questionable shot selection. He also needs to get stronger, which is one reason he struggles finishing in the lane.

60. Indiana Pacers

Kenneth Lofton Jr. | Sr | Louisiana Tech | 6'6 | PF

Comp: Jared Sullinger


Kenneth is a unique prospect; while he is a bit undersized height-wise, he makes up for it with his skill, length, and strength. He has good touch in the lane; he has good hands & feet and can shoot it from the mid-range. He is also a very active rebounder with a knack for securing offensive boards. He needs to extend his range to the 3pt line and must continue to work on his weight and conditioning.

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