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OTE Opening Night - City Reapers vs CBC aka Sierra Canyon

On Oct. 20th, the City Reapers faced the California Basketball Club during opening night and

overcame them 66-51. The star player of the game Amen Thompson had 16 points and 10

rebounds that led the Reapers to a victory.

During the first half, both teams battled and struggled to score. Tudor stepped up to slow

the game down, hitting a 3-pointer at 2:44.

While the Reapers trailed by 7 their aggressive defense made it hard for the CBC to score.

At 3.0 seconds, Amen quickly passed the ball to Eli Ellis on a fast break and launched a

staggering 3-pointer buzzer-beater while drawing a foul that resulted in a four-point play

tying the game 28-28 ending the half.

At the top of the second half, with just under one minute Amen brought the ball down the

court and made the first 3-pointer of the quarter. Within 16 seconds, Amen gains

possession of the ball and pulls the crowd to their feet for a fast-break slam dunk. The City

Reapers now take the lead by 5.

The Reapers overpowered the CBC in receiving the most offensive and defensive rebounds.

Towards the end of the third quarter, both teams' offenses improved drastically.

With 3 seconds remaining on the shot clock, Eli exceeds another 3-point dagger while

drawing a foul from the corner. The CBC trails by 9.

Eli was the second-leading scorer for the Reapers. He shot the last 3-pointer of the game

with 01:22 left of the quarter ending the night with 15 points, two rebounds, and five

assists. Amen led the Reapers scoring 16 points, four rebounds, and two assists, while

Somto Cyril finished with eight rebounds.

City Reapers will take on Our Saviour Lutheran on Nov, 4, at 7:00 p.m. (EST)

Written by: Kayla Rodgers

Sports Reporter @BTLHOOPS

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