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OTE Preseason Day 1 Standouts - OCT 20th

Some of the best high school talent faced off against the premier development professional basketball league at the Overtime Elite Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, from Friday October 20th - Saturday October 21st. Presented below are the top players that stood out on from the first day, in the clashes between Columbus High School Explorers and the Cold Hearts, as well as, Hoop Nation and Real Wild Energy. Coming straight from the evaluation of one of our Southeast Regional Analysts, who was in attendance for the great spectacle of basketball that was performed, we hope you enjoy.

Jase Richardson || 2024 || 6’3 G || Columbus HS (Miami, FL): Jase Richardson, a dynamic 6'3" combo guard, mirrors his father's athleticism and scoring ability. The game started with Richardson showcasing his agility and craftiness, scoring two transition buckets. He's a shifty player, tough to defend once he finds his rhythm. Despite the Explorers trailing by as much as 19 points, Richardson sparked a comeback with a posterizing dunk, leading to a 6-0 run. Richardson's acrobatic finishes highlight his scoring prowess, but there's room for improvement, especially on defense. His tendency to gamble can leave him out of position, and he needs to work on navigating through screens. In essence, while his offensive game is potent, refining defensive skills will be key for Richardson's overall development.

Cayden Boozer || 2025 || 6’3 PG || Columbus HS (Miami, FL): Boozer, though shorter than his twin, compensates with a versatile skill set. He maintains composure under on-ball pressure, controlling the game's pace and avoiding reckless decisions. Utilizing his mature frame effectively, he attacks downhill effectively, displaying fine ambidextrous finishing skills, particularly in transition. Cayden excels in creating and absorbing contact. His patient approach to the game allows him to let the game unfold naturally, but he also knows when to assert himself. One area for improvement is developing a consistent long-range shot. Enhancing his three-point game would add depth to his offensive repertoire, making Cayden an even more potent player on the court.

Cameron Boozer || 2025 || 6’9 PF || Columbus HS (Miami, FL): Boozer had a relatively subdued offensive performance, concluding the game with 13 points. However, his offensive quietude didn't diminish his overall impact. Impressively, he excelled in cleaning up missed shots and displayed commendable aggression in the paint. As a scrappy and physical forward, Boozer showcased versatility by running the floor effectively, extending the defense, and maintaining a high level of defensive proficiency. His contributions extended beyond the score sheet, illustrating his value in various facets of the game.

Adam Oumiddoch || 2026 || 6’5 SG || OTE - Cold Hearts (Arlington, VA): Adam was one of the younger players on the floor during the match, but you could not tell by his play. At such a young age, he exudes confidence and is looking to score mainly on jumpers. Although he was not very efficient, he showed promise and brought energy off the bench for Cold Hearts. Oumiddoch is not a very sound defender and he was out of position and lacks some fundamentals defensively, but with that being said, he was engaged on that end and showed effort and flashes that he is willing to get better.

John Bol || 2024 || 7’2 C || OTE - Cold Hearts (St. Louis, MO / South Sudan): Bol is a traditional dirty work big and has really good length that he uses to advantage defensively. He showed flashes offensively and has good touch around the basket. He is a really good rebounder and hangs his hat on the defensive side of the floor. He did a good job at contesting and altering shots, forcing players on the Explorers to change their shot mid-air or pass it out.

Reynan Dos Santos || 2024 || 6’5 G || OTE - Cold Hearts (São Paulo, Brazil): The Brazilian native showed a ton of promise in the first match of the day. He plays with non stop motor all game long and is an absolute ball magnet flying anywhere the ball is. He is a physical on-ball defender who moves his feet well laterally and defends without fouling. For a guard, he is active on the glass ending the game with 11 rebounds. On the offensive end, when he scores he will be sure to let you and the crowd know. He is mainly looking to attack left to get downhill and score. Most of the pick and rolls he was involved in had him start off near halfcourt high and wide and attack left in space where he can create. The Explorers threw different coverages at him to throw him off but he is very explosive and difficult to contain once he turns the corner.

Somtochukwu Cyril || 2024 || 6’10 C || OTE - Real Wild Energy (Chattanooga, Tennessee / Nigeria): Cyril was an absolute force inside the paint and he displayed pro athleticism on

both ends. and is a solid rim protector. He gave RWE plenty of extra opportunities just by being extremely active on the glass. He works hard to get good position and he has a natural feel for knowing where the ball comes off the rim and then pursuing the ball. Some areas of

improvement in Cyril’s game are his free throw shooting and post-scoring. A couple of go-to

post-moves will be very beneficial for him going forward.

Nathan Missia-Dio || 2024 || 6’9 PF || OTE - Real Wild Energy (Brussels, Belgium): Nathan is a well-versed forward with a growing offensive skill set that will be interesting to watch in the future. At his 6’9 frame, he moves his feet very well guarding wings and guards and walling up post players as well. He has a long, quick first step getting downhill, although it is mainly to his right hand. He does not waste dribbles with the ball and he did a good job getting two feet in the paint, but an area of improvement for him is his finishing and decision-making when getting that deep with the defense collapsing to him.

Karter Knox || 2024 || 6’5 SF || OTE - Real Wild Energy (Riverview, FL): Knox is a highly rated player who hangs his hat on the defensive end, which in return helps him get his rhythm offensively. The Florida native is a do-it-all all wing who is a well-rounded offensive talent and has all the tools to be one of the best scorers in the country. He can handle the rock in traffic, plays well off the ball, is an above-the-rim athlete, and is good in transition. One area of improvement in Knox’s game is more consistency with his jump shot off the dribble and beyond the arc. He also gambles sometimes just by reading the play a bit too late or too early and he commits careless fouls just by being a bit over-aggressive at times.

Eric Freeny || 2024 || 6’3 SG || Hoop Nation / Centennial HS (Corona, CA): The California guard has a smooth, yet physical style of play that leaves defenders frustrated. Although the game was pretty lopsided in favor of RWE, Freeny was still able to get his game off and showcase his skillset. He has a fluid game and plays loose and free which showed he was comfortable regardless who was matched in front of him. He is strong and has a bigger build than some guards so he is able to take advantage of mismatches and post up smaller guards. Once he gets inside the three-point line he is instantly seeking contact to draw a foul or create separation for a better look. He is a really good rebounder for his size/position as he ended the game with 15 rebounds. An area of improvement in Freeny’s game is his lack of consistent seek to score. He should look to find his shot more often because he has the ability.

Contributor : Yusef Washington


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