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Pangos 2023 All-Freshman/Sophomore East Region - Oct 21-22

After attending three out of the four All-Frosh/Soph Camps, across different regions of the county, this past September and October, we are thrilled to present the following standout athletes that were in attendance for the All-West, All-South, and All-East events.

Coming straight from the perspective, and evaluation of our regional analysts.

We appreciate the folks at Pangos Events, for putting on a great display of the best young High-School Basketball talent in the country, and for allowing us access once again.

Benjamin Ahmed || Putnam Science Academy || 6’9” F || C/O 2026

Benjamin Ahmed was extremely impressive on both ends of the floor in time that he was on the court. The Putnam Science Academy products stands at 6’9” and is part of the 2026 graduating class. Ahmed showed off his craftiness in the post and abused opposing defenders every time he had good position on the block. At 6’9” Ahmed showed off his finishing abilities with a series of post moves and was able to use his soft touch around the basket to finish tough buckets. Ahmed is also no slouch on the defensive end either. When matched up against other big men in the camp Ahmed held his own and forced them to take tough unbalanced shots or simply blocked their shot.

Jamel Thomas || Cardinal Hayes || 6’3” G || C/O 2026

Jamel Thomas is a guard in the class of 2026 that should be on a lot scouts radars this upcoming season. Thomas is a 6’3” PG from NYC who plays with a lot of grit and swagger. Thomas showed that he can get anywhere he wants on the floor by changing his pace of speed and being shifty with the ball. With his ability to get to his spots he was able to knockdown open mid range jumpers. Thomas gets to his spots very easily by breaking down his defender, but also showed that he can be a high level playmaker. Thomas is able to go right and left off the dribble and is extremely dangerous in open space especially on the fast break.

Jordan Skyers||Our Savior Lutheran|| 6’3” G| C/O 2026

ATHLETE! There is no question that Jordan Skyers was one of the most explosive athletes in the gym throughout this camp. Skyers showed off his jumping ability every time he drove to the basket. Skyers is a capable shooter but is best when slashing to the basket. Skyers had several impressive dunks and blocks throughout the camp. Any defender that challenged Skyers at the rim either had their layup attempt pinned to the backboard, or wasn’t able to finish because of they were forced into taking a harder shot to avoid the block. The most impressive dunk of the night from Skyers was a 360 Windmill off of a self lob in the fast break where his head was the rim the entire time he was in the air.

Jacob Canton || Rutger’s Prep || 6’2” G || C/O 2027

Crafty, Crafty, Crafty!! On the offensive end Canton might’ve been the craftiest guard in the entire camp. Canton used his shifty dribble moves to get downhill and to get open mid-range and 3 point jumpers. Canton also showed that he’s more than capable of creating for others because of his shiftiness. There were several times where Canton was able to get downhill and kick it out to open shooters around the perimeter. Canton’s dribble penetration also opened up several passing lanes to his big men because he forced the opposing team’s big to step and stop his drive’s which allowed for easy dump off passes to the big men on his team.

Quinn Costello || The Newman School || 6’9” F || C/O 2026

Offensively Costello showed off his ability to stretch the floor with his shooting ability from behind the arc. Every time I looked over Costello was knocking down threes over his defenders, whether it was off the catch or off the dribble, Costello showed that he’s a very capable shooter from outside. Costello also can handle the ball very well from someone at his size. There were a couple times where Costello grabbed a rebound and was able to dribble the ball up the floor and made the right basketball play whether it was to do a DHO with a guard and pop for his shot or he took it all the way to the rim for his own shot. Costello rebounded the ball very well and held his own against other guys that were his size on defense.

Harrison Skinner || Hilton Head Christian Academy || 5’10” G || C/O 2026

Heart over Height. Skinner was the smallest guy on the court every time he played, but that didn’t stop him from making an impact on both ends of the floor. Skinner can shoot the lights out and has a lightning quick shot release. Standing only at 5’10”, Skinner was able to get downhill and finish over big men with a variety of tough floaters and pull up jumpers. Defensively, Skinner was the only kid in the entire camp that talked on the defensive end. He always had active hands in the passing lanes and didn’t allow any straight line dribble drives from any guard that he guarded. Tough! Skinner also showed off his IQ by filling behind his teammates that drove to the basket for open 3point shots and always being in the right spot defensively.

Jaxson Terry || Lawrence Academy || 6’5” G || C/O 2026

TOUGH, is the best way to describe Jaxson Terry’s game. Terry showed that he’s a 3 level scorer, hitting several shots from behind the arc along with tough pull up jumpers. Terry is also able to get to the rim with ease off the dribble. On one possession Terry had the ball on the wing and did an in and out crossover into a high pick up over the help defenders arms and finished the play with a big dunk over the big man that was camped in the paint. During this same game Terry’s team was losing for the majority of the game but Terry kept attacking and almost single handedly brought his team back in the game from his effort alone.

Darius Ratliff || Archbishop Stepinac || 6’8” PF || C/O 2026

Darius Ratliff is an impressive, multi-skilled young big man. Defensively, he was very effective in the paint. His height (6’9”) allows him to challenge most inside shots and he picked up a number of blocks. Ratliff was also a solid outlet passer. After grabbing rebounds, he was always looking to push the ball down the court. Towards the end of the game, Ratliff showcased his ability to pop out to the three point line and hit a shot from range.

Andrew Kretkowski || Rutgers Prep || 6’7” SG || C/O 2027

Andrew Kretkowski was doing all the little things on the court for his team. He dove for loose balls, boxed out, and grabbed offensive rebounds. He had a significant impact on the game in many ways. He also displayed incredible athleticism. He finished an alley-oop dunk off the backboard and a windmill dunk in transition after a steal. He even impressed with his passing, including a smart touch pass in transition for an easy layup.

Theo Edema || Cushing Academy || 7’0” C || C/O 2027

Theo Edema was one of the tallest young bigs at Pangos. At 7 feet tall, his length was a big problem for opposing players in the paint. He was constantly changing shots at the rim without fouling. He is decently mobile for his size, allowing him to stay with shorter, quicker players on switches. He displayed a soft touch at the rim and a tenacity on the offensive glass. Edema was one of the only players I saw practicing at the open hoop before his game.

Julius Avent || Bergen Catholic || 6’7” SG || C/O 2026

Julius Avent was one of the fastest players on the court, both with and without the ball. He used his handle to break down defenders and get to the rim where he was most effective. He had multiple athletic finishes under the rim, showing great body control. Additionally, he was able to hit threes, both off the dribble and off the catch. Avent displayed significant effort on the defensive end, using his quickness to beat opposing players to the spot.

Dior Anderson || Monsignor Scanlan || 6’2” PG || C/O 2026

Dior Anderson is a great three-point shooter with an ability to run the offense in the half court for his team. Anderson was pulling up and hitting from deep with confidence. He is a volume shooter that showed he isn’t bothered by missed shots. In addition to this shooting ability, he has a quick first step and can get to the rim with ease. He followed a few of his misses for second chance points and showed great effort on the defensive end.

Jahzir Crawford || Holy Cross || 5’11” PG || C/O 2026

Although he was one of the shorter players at Pangos (5’11”), Jahzir Crawford displayed an impressive basketball IQ and passing game. He set his teammates up for easy dunks with on-point lob passes. He made many smart reads in the pick-and-roll. He knew when to hit the open man and when he had the opportunity to create for himself. Crawford put in effort on defense and picked up a few steals, always pushing the ball in transition.

Contributors : Vernon Johnson & John LaFrance


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