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Pangos 2023 All-Freshman/Sophomore South Region - Sept 30-Oct 1

After attending three out of the four All-Frosh/Soph Camps, across different regions of the county, this past September and October, we are thrilled to present the following standout athletes that were in attendance for the All-West, All-South, and All-East events.

Coming straight from the perspective, and evaluation of our regional analysts.

We appreciate the folks at Pangos Events, for putting on a great display of the best young

High-School Basketball talent in the country, and for allowing us access once again.

Solomon Bradshaw || 2026 || 5’10 PG || Universal Academy (Coppell TX)

Solomon showed a great feel for the game and impressive shot-making ability. He has a tight, fast handle that allows him to get by bigger players. Whether he is shooting a mid-range jumper or getting to the basket he always seems to get to his spots. He also has great court vision and can set his teammates up well, either in drive and kick situation or off a pick-and-roll. Bradshaw is a willing defender and communicates well on both sides of the ball.

Seven Spurlock || 2026 || 6'5 F|| Memorial (Frisco TX)

Seven was one of the top prospects at the camp. At 6’6 he moves very well and uses his athleticism to make plays. He had several impressive fast-break dunks off of deflections and steals throughout the weekend. When pressured by the defense he can slow the game down and find his shot. He can also finish strong through contact.

Jacob Lanier || 2026 || 6'6 F|| Maumelle (Maumelle AR)

Jacob was another top performer over the weekend. He showed the ability to create for himself without hindering his team’s offense. He is a quick player who can get to the rim and finish strong. However, he is more than comfortable shooting from the outside as well. Defensively, he moves his feet well and can play on ball.

Beau Billingsley || 2026 || 6”0 PG || Norman (Norman OK)

Beau is a shifty guard with great court vision. He can get to the rim and score with crafty finishes over much larger players. His three-point shot is consistent both off the dribble and catch and shoot. When he does penetrate the defense he has a great sense of where his teammates are and makes great passes to get the ball to them. Defensively he can hold his own against other guards.

Bryce Dixon || 2026 || 6'4 F || The Colony (The Colony TX)

Bryce is a great do-it-all player. Whether he is communicating on defense, making an extra pass, or taking the ball himself he is always doing something to impact the game. He can defend on ball and plays passing lanes well with 8 steals in one of his games over the weekend. Dixon does not need the ball to affect the offense and is a willing cutter and rebounder. However, he can score at all three levels if he has to.

Theodore Brannan || 2026 || 5’9 PG || Mansfield Summit (Arlington TX)

Theodore was one of the guards picked in the top 60 game over the weekend. He can defend on ball well and has a knack for getting steals. When pushing the pace in transition he usually makes the right decision by finding his teammates for an open look or taking it all the way to the rim. He has a consistent three-point shot and a great pump fake to go along with it.

Contributor: Hamza Saraswat


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