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Pangos All-American Camp - Las Vegas, NV June 5-7, 2022

Aden Holloway || La Lumiere (IN) || PG 6'0 || C/O 2023

Offensively, he did most of his damage from the 3pt line, knocking down several pull-ups in early offense opportunities. He also facilitated well in PnR action, finding the roller down the lane or the shooter lifting from the corner. Defensively, he leaves a lot to be desired; he gave some initial resistance but lacked the intensity to be a good defender on a consistent basis. Areas of improvement, he needs to improve his ability to create space off the dribble, his inability to do so resulted in him getting his jump shot blocked several times.

AJ Johnson || Taft (CA) || SG 6'5 || C/O 2023

Offensively, he is explosive in the open court, either filling the lanes or pushing the ball himself, both scenarios, he's trying to get into the paint and finish above the rim. He knocked down a few catch and shoot 3's from the wings, but what impressed me the most was his ability to pass in PnR action; he made a couple of nice pocket passes to the roller. Defensively, he showed good instincts playing the passing lanes but struggled to contain ball handlers. Areas of improvement, he needs to get physically stronger; his frame is very slight he got pushed around on the interior.

Wesley Yates || Beaumont United (TX) || SG 6'4 || C/O 2023

Offensively, his game is predicated on his ability to create off the dribble, which allowed him to get to the rim, shoot it in the mid-range, and pull up from the 3pt line. Physically, he has good size and strength, which allowed him to play through contact. Defensively, he defended 2-4, using his lateral quickness to stay in front of guards & wings while using his size & strength to defend the interior. Areas of improvement, he did not look to play make for his teammates; if he touched it, he was shooting it.

Baye Fall || Accelerated Schools (CO) || 6'11 PF || C/O 2023

Offensively, he was active in PnR actions; as a roller finishing at the rim, he also showed good touch on a few floaters in the lane. He also did a good job shooting in from the mid-range at the elbows. Defensively, he switched 1-5, moving his feet on the perimeter, contesting & blocking several jump shots; he also protected the rim, altering & blocking shots in the lane. Areas of improvement, he is very slim, so he must put on some weight and continue to get stronger. He also needs to extend his range out to the 3pt line, he only took a couple of 3's, but his form needs work.

Tahaad Pettiford || Hudson Catholic (NJ) || PG 5'11 || C/O 2024

Offensively, he scored from all three levels and finished athletically in and around the lane. Created off the dribble for mid-range jumpers and knocked down catch and shoot 3's from the perimeter. Defensively, he did a good job applying pressure to the ball handler in the half-court, showing good lateral quickness; he also played the passing lanes well, picking up several steals. Areas of improvement; he needs to play at a better pace; everything is at full speed, leading to him being out of control. I would also like to see him use his handle to play make for his teammates.

Elliot Cadeau || Bergen Catholic (NJ) || PG 6'1 || C/O 2024

Offensively, he played with a good pace, went from slow to fast, and exploded into the lane, finishing through contact at the rim. He also did a good job pushing the ball in transition, finding teammates filling the lane, and knocking down a few pull-up jumpers. Defensively, he has good lateral quickness and crashed the defensive boards leading to transition opportunities. Areas of improvement, while he did hit a couple of 3pt shots, his overall shot selection is pretty bad, resulting in him missing wide or short several times.

Dylan Harper || Bosco Prep (NJ) || 6'5 SG || C/O 2024

Offensively, he created well off the dribble, which allowed him to get to the basket, create for his teammates and shoot it from the perimeter. He has good size, which he used to shed defenders on the perimeter and finish through contact in the paint. Defensively, he was active on the boards leading the transition opportunities, and did a good job switching on bigs, fighting for position, and contesting shots. Areas of improvement, he doesn't have great lateral quickness to defend the perimeter well.

Ian Jackson || Cardinal Hayes (NY) || 6'6 SG || C/O 2024

Offensively, he shot the ball well from the 3pt line both off the dribble and the catch. He also did a good job creating for himself off the dribble, getting into the lane where he used his athleticism to finish at the rim, and playmaking for his teammates. Defensively, he pickup up several on-ball steals in the backcourt and showed good defensive instincts playing the passing lane. Areas of improvement, he needs to work on his touch shooting runners and floater in the paint and continue to get stronger as he got bumped off his driving path when defenders played aggressively.

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