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Pangos All-Midwest Freshman/Sophomore Camp

La Grange, IL Oct 16-17

For more information on the the players listed and other's who participated in this event please contact me directly:

Zebin Gadson || Buchtel (OH) || 6’3 SG || 2024

Zebin was one of the best players in the camp. In offense, he was able to do everything he wanted to do using his various skill sets. He was unstoppable when he had a ball in his hand. He could dribble, pass and shoot. He also could make plays for his other teammates.

De’Kwon Brown || Limestone Community (IL) || 6’3 PG || 2024

De'Kwon was the MVP of this camp. What caught my attention was his passing sense. He easily found his open teammates in tough situations. Also, he looked like a true leader who knew how to win the game. He used his solid skill sets and energy to make his team win.

Ryan Larson || Jamestown (ND) || 6’3 SG || 2024

Ryan has great size and strength, which gave him. What made him unique was that he over most of the guards. He can play for all positions using his fundamental skill sets and athleticism. He looked comfortable handling the ball and finding his teammates. He has a great understanding of the whole game.

Calvin Robins Jr. || Kenwood Academy (IL) || 6’4 F || 2024

Calvin is an elite athlete who made the most highlight films in this weekend's camp. Even though he is a big forward, he could run the floor on fast breaks and finished with various dunks. He also showed some of his mid-range game as well.

Cale Cosme || Brother Rice (IL) || 5’3 PG || 2024

Cale was the shortest player in this camp. However, he proved himself that he could play. He was the most outstanding point guard in this camp. He had solid fundamentals and playmaking abilities, which made great plays for his teammates and himself. Even though he wasn't big, he made an impact in the game.

Derek Weisskopf || Williamsburg (IA) || 6’3 CF || 2024

Derek is an athlete who was very aggressive on both ends of the floor. He was an all-around player with great power and decent shooting ability. His energy in defense was very impressive because he easily shut down bigger players.

Jackson Labkon || St. Ignatius College Prep (IL) || 6’1 PG || 2024

Jackson was one of the best point guards in this camp. He showed leadership by constantly communicating and leading his teammates on the court. He was able to make great passes using his solid ball handling. He also had a great mid-range game off the dribble.

Kieran Granville -Britten || Taft (OH) || 6’8 C || 2025

Kieran's size and length were very impressive among every player in this camp. He was a great athlete who could rebound and protect the rim. I believe what makes him special is his ability to run the floor in transition. He easily scores in fast-break situations.

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Written by: Paul Lee Mid-West Regional Scout

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