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Pangos Northeast Freshman/Sophomore Camp October 22-23

Adam Oumiddoch || 6’5” || Class of 2026

Adam played extremely well on both ends of the court throughout the day. His impressive athletic ability combined with his advanced skillset led to impactful plays on offense and defense. His finishing around the rim is one of his greatest strengths. A particular sequence that stood out was in his first game of the day when he recovered after a switch for a big block which led to a fastbreak concluding with him finishing an alley-oop dunk. At 6’5”, his height is also a major reason for his impact in the paint on both sides of the ball. Overall, Adam Oumiddoch was one of the premier players at Pangos this year.

Vincent Chaudhri || 6’7” || Class of 2025

Vincent was one of the defensive standouts of the All-East Pangos camp this year. While his height and athleticism are a huge part of his defensive prowess, he is also a very smart and skilled defender. One impressive sequence occurred in his first game where he ran back in transition, got in front of the player driving to the basket, and stayed straight up on the contest without fouling. He proceeded to grab the rebound and spark a fast break score for his team. Vincent’s intelligent defense, rebounding and paint presence on offense make him a well-rounded, two-way player.

Kayden Mingo || 6’1” || Class of 2025

Kayden displayed advanced point guard skills and a true control of the game. His handle of the ball was one of the strongest aspects of his game. Kayden was shifty with the ball and able to string together multiple moves to breakdown defenders. He was also adept at attacking the rim and finishing over taller defenders, largely helped by his footwork. These drives aided him in collapsing the defense and opening up different spaces on the court for his teammates. Kayden also had a pretty jump shot release and made a number of pull up jumpers from three and mid-range.

AJ Dybantsa || 6’7” || Class of 2026

AJ’s height, length and explosive athleticism were on full display in both of his games. His impressive vertical leap led to multiple highlight plays, including dunks and blocks. One of the sequences that stood out began with a steal from AJ and a through-the-legs dunk at the other end. In addition to his sensational athletic ability, he showed great touch from mid-range and three-point range.

Keiner Aprilla || 7’0” || Class of 2026

Keiner’s size at this young age was truly impressive. Standing at 7’0”, Keiner was a force in the paint on both ends of the court. He also showed great improvement from the first game to the second, which was very encouraging. In the first game, he had some trouble handling the ball in the post and had his shot blocked numerous times. However, he was much more aggressive and controlled in the second game leading to dominance in the post.

Chancellor Perkins || 6’1” || Class of 2025

Chancellor Perkins was one of the hottest shooters at the All-East Pangos camp. The first half of his first game he did not miss a single three. His smooth release and ball handling skills helped him affect the game with both catch-and-shoot threes and off-the-dribble threes. One impressive sequence occurred early on in his first game where he used a screen perfectly at the top of the key to get to his spot and hit a three. Chancellor cooled off a bit in the second half, but overall proved to be one of the best shooters at the camp.

Chazz Dubois || 6’5” || Class of 2025

A little undersized for a power forward or center, Chazz Dubois’s energy, effort and hustle helped him stand out, especially defensively. Chazz was one of the strongest defenders at Pangos as shown through his rebounding and on-ball defense. He had two big strip steals that led to easy buckets in transition for his team. Chazz was relentless in his pursuit of rebounds and loose balls which were catalysts for a number of second chance opportunities. In addition to his defense and hustle, Chazz showed a willingness to stretch his range out to the three-point line when open.

Declan Moriarty || 5’10” || Class of 2026

Despite being just 5’10”, Declan showed a tremendous ability to drive into the lane and finish at the rim over much bigger defenders. His athleticism was key to his impact in the paint, as well as his basketball IQ. Declan was able to manipulate defenders with pump fakes and footwork to draw multiple fouls on his aggressive drives to the hoop. Additionally, Declan was a very unselfish point guard. He would consistently make the extra pass (good shot to great shot), as well as give the ball up to teammates on fast break opportuniti

Written by: John LaFrance

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