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The Tip-Off Classic - 2022

The Tip-Off Classic presented by HoopHustlers is one of the best independent events of the year here are some of the best 2022 prospects from the event.

Jaquez Thornton || Drew Charter School || 6’0 PG || C/O 2022

Easily one of the most entertaining players to watch. Thornton is a super athletic and crafty guard who knows how to create any shot he wants. When he handles the ball, he is aware that he is in control no matter what the defense is throwing. He has good court vision and can slip in quick passes into the paint for easy layups. He can shoot off the dribble and in catch-and-shoot situations. He maneuvers so well through the defense and knows how to get those foul calls. He has a great basketball IQ and shows a confident game.

Robert Dix || South Cobb HS || 6’7 SF || C/O 2022

Demonstrated great body control. Even when he is coming down the lane fast, he knows how to pull up and control the jump shot. Versatile athlete. He can hit the 3pt shot off the dribble as well as in catch and shoot situations. Good court vision and can handle the ball and bring it up the floor.

Dylan Wolle || Sequoyah HS || 6’3” SG || C/O 2022

Shooter!!! He ran the floor in transition and did a good job of taking advantage of 2v1 situations in transition. He does a good job of using the pump-fake to get the defenders in the air, got into the lane, and made a few crafty finishes.

Braden Pierce || River Ridge HS || 6’11 C || C/O 2022

Shot blocker. Pierce is a huge defensive presence in the paint, and he makes players rethink their moves when going into the paint. Did a good job of passing out of the post to cutters down the lane and a few on-target cross-court passes for wide-open 3's. Rebounded at a high clip as well.

Kobe Davis || class of 2022 || Langston Hughes High School

Guard with good offensive skill set and high motor, he can get downhill and makes the correct play out of PnR action. He fought for 50/50 balls and which translated into extra for his team. He showed a consistent pull-up jump shot from midrange and used his speed to get to the rim.

Bryson Ogletree || Mundy's Mill High School || class of 2022

A very athletic guard thrives above the rim and can float in the air for as long as possible. He used that same athletic ability to compete on defense and displayed the ability to knock down outside shots.

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Until next time...

Written by: Maquis Maffett & Shemyah Wilson

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