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The Tip-Off Classic - The Show

The Tip-Off Classic presented by HoopHustlers is one of the best independent events of the year here are some of the best prospects that played in The Showcase bracket of the event.

Scoota Henderson || Kell (GA) || 6'3 PG || C/O 2022

Scoot did a good job this weekend getting into the lane finishing with contact around and above the rim. He also was impressive using his ability to attack the rim to get into his mid-range pull-up jumper game, knocking down several over the weekend.

Noah Clowney || Dorman (SC) || 6'9 PF || C/O 2022

Noah has some of the best defensive instincts I've seen on a young big; his hand were always straight up, which allowed him to challenge shots and stay out of foul trouble. He also ran the floor well in transition and finished above the rim.

B.J. Edwards || Knoxville Catholic (TN) || 6'3 PG || C/O 2022

B.J. was very impressive getting into the lane and finishing at the rim, whether it was in transition or out of half-court situations. He was also active on the defensive in playing the passing lanes.

Dillion Mitchell || Bishop McLaughlin (FL) || 6'7 SF || C/O 2022

Dillon did a little bit of everything on both ends of the floor. He ran the offense, set up his teammates for easy shots, and created himself off the dribble. On defense, he guarded the ball and was good as a help-side shot blocker.

Shaun Phillips || Westlake (GA) || 6'11 C || C/O 2022

Shaun seemed to block every shot that came into the lane while he was in the game. He also did a good job of sliding behind the defense to catch lobs or easy drop-off passes.

Isaac Abidde || Loomis Chaffee (CT) 6'8 PF || C/O 2022

Isaac showed a much-improved jumper since I saw him last summer, knocked down several PnP or trail 3's at the top of the key. He also displayed his athleticism, running the floor and finishing above the rim.

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