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USAB U17 Mini-Camp Scrimmage Notes - June 22, 2022

Sean Stewart || Windermere (FL) || 6'8 SF/PF || C/O 2023

Offensively, he had a couple of nice straight-line drives from the wing, allowing him to get to the rim, where he finished through contact. He also did a good job on the offensive glass; he seems to have a nose for the ball, securing several offensive boards that he converted into putback layups. Defensively, he plays a lot bigger than he is; he regularly mixed it up on the interior, altering shots at the rim and pulling down defensive boards. Areas of improvement, he must extend his range out to the perimeter, as he didn't make any shots outside of 10ft.

David Castillo || Bartlesville (OK) || PG 6'1 || C/O 2024

Offensively, he shot the ball well from the 3pt line both off the catch and the dribble, making several 3's from well behind the line. He also did a good job facilitating for his teammates, tossing a nice lob pass over the defense in transition and a nice pocket pass off the bounce in PnR action to the roller for a two-hand dunk. Defensively, he picked up 94ft turning the ball handler, slowing down their offense; he also did a good job getting skinny on picks attempted on him, getting over, and continuing the ball pressure. Areas of improvement, I would like to see him take better care of the ball as he threw away several passes also; while he did shoot the ball well, he lacked patience on his shot selection, taking several rushed shots from the perimeter and forcing shots on the interior.

Johnuel "Boogie" Fland || Archbishop Stepinac (NY) || 6'3 PG || C/O 2024

Offensively, he aggressively attacked the basket, finishing well through contact against bigger defenders. He also knocked down a couple of mid-range pull-ups from the FT Line. Defensively, he was a pest on the ball, securing several on-ball steals and finishing those plays with transition layups. Areas of improvement, I would like to see him play make for his teammates; he seemed to have tunnel vision with the ball in his hands, only looking for his


Ian Jackson || Cardinal Hayes (NY) || 6'6 SG || C/O 2024

Offensively, he was active in transition, both as a ball-handler or filling the lanes, finishing at the rim. He also got downhill in a hurrying off DHO's, finishing above the rim. Defensively, he was really impressive, applying pressure on the perimeter, getting deflections & steals, and he switched onto bigs in the post, holding his ground. Areas of improvement, he didn't shoot the ball particularly well from the perimeter and was a little loose with his handle, which surprised me as he is usually a lot more consistent in both regards.

James Brown || St. Rita (IL) || 6'9 PF || C/O 2024

Offensively, he finished well in and around the lane, dunking the ball every chance he got. He also played the dunker baseline area well, making good cuts along the baseline and ducking in from the dunker for shots at the front of the rim. Defensively, he did a good job protecting the rim, blocking and altering shots. He also crashed the defensive boards, getting his head up quickly looking for outlets to start the fastbreak. Areas of improvement, he struggled in PnR coverage, getting back to his man as the roller, and getting switched out onto ball-handlers on the perimeter.

Asa Newell || Montverde (FL) || 6'9 PF || C/O 2024

Offensively, he was active on the offensive glass, securing extra possession; and he knocked down a PnP 3 from the top of the key. He also got out in transition filling the lanes and finishing athletically around the rim. Defensively, he was all over the court, switching on smaller guards, playing the passing lanes, and coming up with a couple of help-side blocks at the rim. Areas of improvement, he was sometimes a bit out of control, picking up fouls and getting blown by because he didn't stay on his feet.

Cooper Flagg || Montverde (FL) || 6'7 SF || C/O 2025

Offensively, he did a lot of the dirty work, pulling down several offensive rebounds, securing extra possession for his team, and converting several putback layups. He also moved well off the ball, cutting baseline line for a lob catch and backdoor dunk off a bounce pass. Defensively, he played the passing lanes well, boxed out for rebounds, and drew a charge call. Areas of improvement, he didn't look for his shot; in my opinion, he turned down too many wide-open shot opportunities that stunted the flow of the offense.

Bryson Tiller || Pace (GA) || 6'8 PF || C/O 2025

Offensively, he did a little bit of everything, knocked down a couple of perimeter jumpers, crashed the offensive glass, got out in transition, moved well off the ball, and finished well in the lane. Defensively, he guarded the perimeter; as he got switched out on smaller guards in PnR action, he used his length and moved his feet to contain ball-handlers. Areas of improvement, he must improve his handle; he likes to play on the perimeter but looks for teammates to set him up, and he has to develop the ability to create for himself.

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